Cuff Bracelets for Grads and Dads - Instant Statement

I recently wrote an article about the in-fashion of cuffs for women. Let’s not leave the men out. No matter what their age this one single piece shows that he has style and is not afraid to show it.  They are perfect for both the young and, shall we say, seasoned, men in your life. With both Father’s Day and graduations just around the corner, these may just be the gift you are looking for.

Here are a few of my favorites that would suit both the Grad and the Dad:

Leather Bracelet Cuff: The wrap cuff is so popular with women but here is one that looks classy and rugged at the same time. Made with sterling silver and black onyx and turquoise on a five foot strip of rich black leather. Buy from Kiss2Keep on Etsy for $77.00
Copper Cuff: My husband has arthritis in his clavicle after breaking it in his 20′s downhill skiing. He wears a copper bracelet that seems to take the pain away. This one would bring more of a statement than the one I picked up at the drugstore. Buy from mLindvall on Etsy for $85.00.
Titanium Cuff: This cuff looks very chic in a masculine way. Made from titanium(the metal-equivalent of testosterone) and black plated rope accent. Buy from The Black Bow for $156.00.



Bed Stu Brown Cuff: Who says style has to cost a lot. Here is a classic cuff made from brown leather cow-hide. It goes well with both a briefcase or a skateboard. Buy from Bed Stu for only $15.00.
Personalized Men’s Sterling Silver Cuff: This manly cuff can have a soft side to it that no one needs to see. Personalize it on the inside with his children’s names or the title of ‘your’ song. It is also great for the graduate, with the date and school he graduated from to make a true keepsake piece. Buy from Earthy Expressions on Etsy for $69.99
Braided Cuff: Understated and simple this cuff with a magnetic latch can show his wild side in a very subtle way. And at $7.00 each you can buy one for both the father and son. Buy from YY1982 on Etsy.
Polymer Clay Wave Cuff: This cool black cuff with a Japanese wave design will surely get attention. People will wonder what it is made of. Polymer Clay is a pliable, bendable polymer (PVC) compound that contains no clay minerals. Comes with a Hemp twine tie just to add a bit of sass. Buy from theshagbag on Etsy for $16.95.
Gypsy Street Cuff: For the urban stylist, this mod wide leather cuff has an oversized clasps.  The hammered forged metal can be hand stamped with ID or personal message or looks great unmarked. Buy from UrbanBoutique on Etsy for $39.00.
Men’s Sport Cuff Bracelet: Perfect for mixing work with play. This sporty black titanium and 14 k gold cuff shows a little bit of a wild side. Accessory with flair for the enterprising dad or the son that graduated with Summa Cum Laude. Buy here for $735.00

Making our men a bit sexier. It’s really a gift for us!

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