I love to drive.  I love to drive over  the speed limit, not under the posted limit.  I am the one in the left hand lane going at least five over, if not a little faster.  I do NOT like going slow.  I am not in a hurry to get anywhere (unless I have to use the potty), I just  love driving the way the car is supposed to be driven.  I have a 5 speed because an automatic just isn't driving.  A standard shift is, to me, the only way to go.  I also have my car lowered.  It handles better that way.  It hugs the curves at higher speeds.  It is the way driving was meant to be.  Having said that, there are many things that drive me crazy on the road.  The same things bother my husband as well, who, like me loves to drive the same way.  And, much to our chagrin, we live in a place where stupid abounds. 


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