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Dance, Dance, Dance…with My Budding Ballerina…

My four year old daughter just finished her first year of dance school at the most delightful dance studio in downtown Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Jeannie Cardinal’s School of Dance!

The studio is so family-friendly and really caters to the student and family who wants a wonderful dance experience without the pressure of competition. The studio is located just off the main drag in an old factory warehouse. It boasts wonderful hardwood floors that make dancing so much softer on the body, and make the studio more charming than the industrial one-square-foot dirty whitish tiles found in many studios. The school has two large rooms that still manage to have a quaint air about them – the pink room, and the blue room! The blue room, where my daughter danced, has the most darling ballerina border going around the perimeter of the mirrored room and natural light flows in from the windows on two walls. It exudes charm.

The predominantly female student base (with a few preschool age males thrown in for good measure), is given ample opportunity throughout the year to strut their stuff and show their families all that they are learning. The studio hosts a bring-a-friend day and an observation day for parents, grandparents, and any family members who are interested in observing, once each fall and again in the spring. My daughter also got to partake in a Halloween party where she wore her costume to dance class, a Christmas show where each class performed a holiday-themed number and got a visit and goodie bag from Santa, and theme weeks benefiting the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life for each week during May. The girls absolutely loved dress-up day, purple day, crazy socks day, crazy hat day, and favorite sports team day. It was great fun! The kids were so cute.

In addition to that, the students got to dance at Easton’s Relay for Life at Metzgar Field off of Sullivan Trail in Forks Township, and at Spring Fest at the Lower Nazareth Elementary School. Not to mention their big end-of-year recital, which was the culmination of a year’s hard work, and according to my husband who sat through the whole show while I was absolutely LOVING being a stage mom, it was “absolutely fantastic.” My mom, a seasoned dance studio mom, and former dance teacher said it was “very good; much better than she expected.” Because the studio is much smaller than the huge studio that I grew up in, my mom wasn’t expecting such a well-put together and entertaining show. I was thrilled that our family all enjoyed the recital so much, because my sweet little ballerina will have many more years to come at Jeannie Cardinal’s School of Dance.

I’m no stranger to dance studios either, having spent my entire childhood from age three through age 16 dancing and performing both tap and jazz, and gymnastics on stage. I tried one year of ballet and it wasn’t for me. I’m much more the gymnastics type. My daughter loves ballet…it is her greatest passion, however, in a surprising turn of events, she has announced a newfound love for gymnastics as well. She is not a fan of tap. That was always my least favorite, too, I must say. I never told her that though so I think it’s cute that she feels the same way as I do. The shame of it all with regard to gymnastics is that she broke her arm jumping on her bed the day of dress rehearsal and will be forced to break (no pun intended) from gymnastics for the majority of the summer as she is now in a cute little pink cast. Poor baby…but that’s a post for another day.

In addition to my own long history of dance studio attendance and performances, I taught in a dance studio for four years just prior to having children, as well as choreographed recital dances. I’ve got to be honest…this wonderful studio and the family who runs it has captured my heart…and my daughter’s. It will be her lifelong dance home. I cannot imagine a more perfect place for my little girl, or our family. I give them the highest recommendation and hope that some of you will consider checking them out for the upcoming season starting in September 2012. In the meantime, we’ll be at their summer dance camp program…can’t wait!

If you are interested in learning more, about the fabulous Jeannie Cardinal’s School of Dance, please visit their web site: www.JeannieCardinalsSchoolofDance.com or give them a call:  610-746-9176. The dance studio is located at: 181 S. Whitfield St. Nazareth PA 18064


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