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the_dishes_are_clean_or_dirty_magnet-p1474253078358687573s01_400Dearest Santa,

I know it's only August and I realize that I've never written you before, but I am thinking maybe it's time I sent a letter in. I figure the more notice you had, the better. It seems to work well for my son, because you fill his list pretty accurately.

I do realize that in this economy it would be too much to ask for that 4 seat-er convertible I keep looking at, so I will keep it realistic. It can wait till things get better.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness with the large assortment of pretty loofah sponges and bath gels/salts/scrubs/washes/candles/robes you've given me over the past 16 married years. So please don't think I am an ungrateful person. I just would hate to see you bring me things that I'm already pretty stocked up on.

So if you could........
  1. The Smart Mop. ~ I can't imagine how much money I could have saved if I had this great invention when my son used to knock his drinks over at least 4 times a week. To be able to soak up the orange juice and then wring it out into a the best invention, ever! Waste not, want not. Watch the commercial on their site and you'll want one too. (It would be funny to see the look on my son's face if I actually did wring it back into the glass.)
  2. I'm running out of Elle Perfume. And I know as the professional in gift giving, you'll get the name right. I asked for this from my husband for Mother's day, but he screwed up. I appreciate that he tried. I'm not quite sure though, how he could confuse the hot pink bottle of Elle he's been looking at every morning, for years now.......with the pale gold bottle of Escape that he bought at the local CVS. If you ask me it was just a ploy to get out of hitting the mall on December 24th. (Sorry to ramble on this one.)
  3. Scissors, please. If your elves don't mind...can they attach it to the chain/stand that banks use for pens? There are three pairs of Fiskars around this house, but for the life of me, I can not find them. No one else seems to know their whereabouts either.
  4. The Clean/Dirty Dish Magnet. Now this....I'm really not so sure it's an innocent problem. Sometimes I think that residents of this household pretend they think the dishes are dirty, just so they don't have to unload it for the one cup they want to add in. But I'm thinking this magnet will help clear that situation up. You can consider this a "family" gift.
  5. Lastly, I'd really like a new pair of my Ugg Slippers. Sand, size 7. The puppy chewed mine up pretty badly and I miss them!
Anyway, thank you for reading this. Hope the current economic situation hasn't hit you too hard...and if you can't fill this order, I completely understand. Just thought it was worth a shot.


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