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We're in a funky stage right now, by which I mean "a stage which puts me in a funk."  The kids are oblivious and happy, but I am less than enamored with their current conditions.  Jax has decided that the art of listening is not high on his priority list and has deemed myself, his gymnastics instructor, his music teacher, and any other adult who tries to corral him into a polite or sedentary state as irrelevant.  No need to listen to them; they're irrelevant.  Usually I mourn the end of our classes; both music and gymnastics are ending in the next few weeks, and usually I feel sad that I will have less structure in our week.  But this time, I'm happy that I will no longer be subjecting his teachers and myself to this farce.  My kid doesn't listen.  They know it, I know it, now let's take a few months off and hopes he matures a little.  Or hope that the fact that we will be spending most of our days outside will exhaust him into submission.  Either way, we need a break and some outdoor time.  If only it would stop snowing!



Our ride to music class this morning.  Pretty, yes.  But conducive to taming a wild toddler monster?  Not so much.


And Em isn't exhausting me with her attitude; she's just straight up exhausting.  She will be eleven months in 4 days and she is still not consistently sleeping through the night.  Maybe one out of every three.  Enough already!  Self-soothe!


So, maybe I have Seasonal Affective Disorder or maybe I'm just grumpy because last Friday it was 60 degrees and this week we have two snow storms on schedule.  It is officially spring and I'd like some crocuses, damnit!  Or at least some sunshine.


So, we're funky up here in Mudville and I need a little defunkification.  The best cure I know of is cute pictures of my kids being their sweet selves.  Their napping, sleeping, listening selves.  I don't know if I have any photos of those kids, but I may be able to find cute ones of the kids I have.  Sure fire smile-inducers.


For the Love of the Library



That kid will trudge through hell or high water to get to the Woodstock library.  Do you like our fancy new canvas bag that is our new "library bag"?  JoAnn Fabrics, $1.  Fancy.



Once he realized I wasn't going to yell at him for puddle-jumping, he felt confident enough to explore.  He dragged that bag through the water like it was going out of style, but he was proud as can be to show the librarian.  We have since decorated it with fabric paint that shouts in big, colorful letters, "WE <3 TO READ!"  We're such dorks.


Boys Will Be Boys



Daddy and Jax laughed uproariously all thanks to a farting Iphone app.




I have no brothers.  I am not amused by farting.  But I guess I'm in the minority.




Crocheted hat with a fuschia flower?  Check. 

New spring coat with a flower lining for adorable cuffed sleeves?  Check.



Yes, I will admit she has a really big head and some hair would really help to distract from that fact.  But I am stretching that hat on a ball as we speak, so hopefully it will stop leaving marks on her head and decreasing vital blood flow to her brain.


Bought the hat here, at The Bitsy Beau shop on  I also posted the beautiful flower headband I bought there, which she is going to wear on her birthday, in my 365 Project on March 15th.  If you shop there (and I hope you do!) mention the blog so I can persuade her to be a sponsor!






Playing Nicely In Matching PJs




Again, I'm a dork, and am raising my kids in a dorky fashion.  But, come on!  Big bellies in tight pjs that make them look like Oompa-Loompas is too adorable to pass up!


Binkies and Blankies




That first one was in my 365 Project as well, but I love it so much I thought it deserved a little more recognition.


The New Cheese


Here's what I get when I ask him to say, "Cheese!"  Actually, even if I don't ask him to say that.  He volunteers his cheese, and thus, this face.





Defunkification complete!  I really do feel better.  Seeing my cheesey, dorky, happy, silly, sweet, beautiful family loving life makes me feel oh-so-much better.  I will not let Mother Nature and Old Man Winter get me down, even if they are in cahoots.  Spending time with these two little ones is as lucky as it comes, and whether they sleep or listen or not, I'm still lucky to be home with them every day.  Thanks for an excuse to remind myself of that!


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Comment by Reanaclaire on March 23, 2011 at 2:26am
wow.. I just love looking at the pictures, they made me smile.. make my day!!  Really.. your two kids are so adorable!!  I love the way he winked his eye and a big grin too!

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