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When I conceptualized this blog I promised to share anything and everything that inspired, provoked or moved me. Today I am in inspired mode.

Its been 8 years now since my husband and I moved into our cozy home. I was 7 months pregnant with Nicholas and we were at the very  cusp of our nesting phase. And as any homeowner can attest to, the best part of moving into a new home is the pride of ownership the process of buying a home provides.  This pride of ownership is what drives us to ensure we make inspired choices when we decorate our homes.

Each piece of furniture, the choice of wall colors, fabrics and fixtures is a reflection of our personalities, our life experiences and our taste (or sometimes lack thereof).

My experience with home decorating is that every couple of years my taste in home decor evolves and changes. For a few years I loved shabby chic design. Then I became enamored with the beach-y, Martha’s Vineyard/Hamptons/Cape Cod style. For years I lusted after beadboard walls, beadboard panels and beadboard ceilings. I peppered my home with little nautical details. Striped pillows, framed nautical themed prints and nautical sail inspired curtains. It didn’t matter that I do not live near the coast. It was purely inspirational.

Today, this is what I’m inspired by. I am into a totally new phase. These days I am inspired and drooling over a new (to me at least it’s new) design aesthetic. Rustic luxe design is my new inspiration. A recent trip to Target solidified my strong attraction to this style when I was intrinsically drawn to a faux stag head centerpiece painted matte white. If my husband wasn’t with me on this shopping excursion that stag head would’ve been on my coffee table already!


Here are other examples of rustic luxe design that I currently covet.

I love the weathered look of the door and the wide planks of the white wood floors.

This may be a bit over the top with all the antlers, and slightly taxidermy feel, but somehow it still seems appealing to me.

Again with the white wood floors. just can’t get enough of it. Also a big fan of the exposed white washed brick.


Yes, the white wood floors is a recurring theme here and must have been subconsciously imbedded in my brain because every image I see online that speaks to me are mostly ones with white floors. This sparsely furnished room is just stunning in its simplicity and strategic furniture placement.

Maybe it’s because early this year I decided to paint the walls in my house some very bold colors, red on my dining room and kitchen walls, deep gray in the basement and breakfast nook, and pale blue in the living room, that my eyes are now drawn to muted colors and a monochromatic palette. It appears that I am suffering from color fatigue from the myriad of colors on my walls.

Hoping that in the future I will share images of my own home after it transitions into the rustic luxe of my fantasies . I can dream, can’t I? And as its been often said, ‘you have to speak your dream out loud’ . For a dream to be reality it has to be visualized and verbalized. And so it shall be.

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