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As I approach the, “Holy Moly, I better get ready for an infant!” stage, I’ve been starting to put together my diaper bag and hospital bag for baby #3!  I feel like I’ve come a long way in packing my diaper bag.  When I had Rocco, I was (obviously) a first time mom and packed him up as if we were going away for a week!  I had multiple changes of clothes, 15 diapers, a couple of books…

because you know, an infant needs a soft book to look at. (???)

A few rattles (again, never know, right?)… YES, I was new at the whole ‘mama’ thing.  I got better with time and then Roman came along!  My diaper bag got smaller; I learned that I didn’t need 20 some diapers and 5 changes of clothes.  Sometimes I even forgot a thing or two (or five) and even switched to a purse every now and again!  (ooooo)  Well, I officially feel like I’m well prepared to run around with 2 toddlers and an infant.  I’m ready to pull out my good ole’ diaper bag again but I’m currently on the hunt for something more ‘purse-like’ and new for this coming Spring/Summer!

Take a peek inside… These are my Diaper Bag Essentials!

(And no, Sophie is not an ‘essential’… I’m just so darn excited to carry her around!)

- The Breakdown -

(Click the pretty purple words for my recommendations, pics & purchasing!)

Hand Sanitizer- Needs no explanation. Stock up and always have one in your bag!

Coach Wristlet with Key Attachment- I grab this wristlet daily, leaving my diaper bag in the car to run a quick errand.  My keys are attached, ID, money and CC’s are in one place; I carry the baby and go!  No need to lug the diaper bag.  This is a definite must-have for me!

Kleenex Tissues- For me and my 2 toddlers.

Toasty PB Crackers- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in ‘emergency’ situations and have needed something to eat.  When I landed in the ER with Roman, when I was stuck in traffic with the kids, when I forgot to eat breakfast and ran out the door.  I always keep a pack of PB Crackers in my purse/diaper-bag.  ALWAYS.

Lunchskins- Filled with snacks for the boys (age 3 & 4).  Must-Have!  Pretzels, fruit snacks, graham crackers… I always like to have something for them in my bag.

Maybooks ‘Baby Diary’- It’s a newborn schedule journal and super cool.  The inside pages feature colored charts to track feeding and sleeping schedules, dirty diapers, pediatrician notes, etc!  For me, it doubles as a notebook and it’s great to have for that new-mom/no sleep brain!

Burp Cloth- Babies spit.  Almost every feeding.  You need a burp cloth.  Not 3… 1 will do.

LynnieBBags Coin Purse- Holds my lip stick, softlips and Tylenol.

Pacifier in Paci Pod- I’m not a fan of ‘loose pacifiers’.  In my opinion, it must have a clean and accessible ‘home’!



Changing Pad- For when the public restroom doesn’t have a changing table.  Our TJMaxx doesn’t have one. Crazy, right?

Aden + Anais Lightweight Blanket- The blankets I’ve carried have served many purposes over the years.  I’ve used them during an unexpected down-pour, to cover the car-seat when our baby falls asleep, as a changing ‘pad’ and even a nursing cover too!

1 Extra Outfit for Baby- Because yes, you will have a diaper blowout.

Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder- Of all the brands and kinds of powder on the market, this is my FAVORITE!  I even special order it when our local stores run out (that’s a ‘big deal’ for me).  I like it because it doesn’t get ‘clumpy’ and keeps baby fresh and clean!

LynnieBBags Diaper Clutch- MUST-HAVE!  Keeps all the diaper changing ‘stuff’ organized in one place and is easy to grab when it’s time to change.  Clutch holds 1 plastic wipes case, 5-6 Newborn diapers and 1 tube of Diaper Rash Cream.

Diaper Bag Dispenser & Bags- I used to carry 1-2 loose grocery store plastic bags (as shown above) but this dispenser is on my list of ‘things to buy’ for baby #3!

Sophie the Giraffe- She’s not a necessity but I’ve wanted her since I found out we were pregnant and will carry her proud until little one can hold her!

*EXTRAS* A few extras that are missing from the list depends on the ‘feeding route’ you take with your baby.  If your baby is bottle fed, you will obviously need to carry formula and bottles and if your baby is breast fed, you might want to carry a nursing cover and an extra set of breast pads too.

 And that. is. it. for me! For now.

Like I said, I’m still searching for a new Spring/Summer ‘diaper’ bag because:  1. It’s always nice to have something new when you have a new baby and 2. I’d like a large bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag but more of a purse.  Not to mention, I like changing purses in general so its great to have diaper bag changes too!

Here are a couple of diaper bags I found in my search:

Storksak Diaper Bag- The ‘Kate’ is my favorite for Spring Summer.

Timi & Leslie Charlie Leather Diaper Bag- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag & love that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag!  I love the mustard color for Spring/Summer but if you’re expecting a Fall/Winter baby, the Cocoa/Brown is perfect.  It comes in many other colors and is both functional and fashionable!


So tell me, what’s in your Diaper Bag?


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