HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Looking forward to spending some time at the boys school for the Valentine's Day parties. Then later a date night in with my husband, putting the kids to bed then having baked spaghetti and oven roasted mushrooms and wine. Going to be a fun day!

Started the day with a 4 mile run and a 2 minute plank. I also tried out my new Lock Laces. They were a a gift for signing up for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge through Run to the Finish. I really liked them, I could tighten them easily and they didn't loosen up and no need to worry about my shoe coming untied. (may have to order some for the boys)

I participated in another tweet chat last night, this time through Best Body Bootcamp. I liked all the questions and discussion but one question was very interesting.

What is easier to do diet or exercise? I would have expected it to be 50/50 on this answer but it wasn't, a majority of last nights participants said diet.
I know that eating healthy at times is harder for me then exercise. One of the comments was why is it easier to make exercise a routine but not healthy eating.

As I thought about this comment while we were all chatting I completely agreed. I, somewhat, easily made the commitment to my early morning workouts. It energizes me and makes me feel good to start the day. But, at times, as much as I have committed myself to eat healthy, if there are cookies, chocolate or yummy desserts, I can't stop myself (On and Off the Wagon.)

I also recently had an experience at a local restaurant. They were having baseball sign up there so we decided to eat dinner there as well. This restaurant had a salad bar but that particular day the lettuce looked pretty wilted and I am not always a fan of salad bars (something about the stuff just sitting out for long periods of time). I looked at the menu to find something healthy to eat. A lot of restaurants have a healthy options portion of the menu, but unfortunately not this one. They had other salads on the menu but they were either filled with foods I don't care for or had breaded chicken strips on top. Most things on the menu were pretty heavy and I wasn't in the mood for that. So I settled for over medium eggs. They did have multigrain bread and turkey sausage so I ordered that along with hash browns (I know I could have skipped the hash browns but I love them). My dinner came and my eggs took up one quarter of the plate, I had one round turkey sausage, and over half the plate was full of hash browns. Those hash browns were easily 3 servings worth. I enjoy turkey sausage almost more than regular sausage, however, this turkey sausage was the worst I have ever had. It was tough and tasted like cardboard (not that I have eaten cardboard but if I did I predict it would taste that bad). So in my attempt to be healthy, I wound up with a plate of potatoes and a little egg.

I feel as though many of as have experienced this at a restaurant. I do not want to not go out to eat, or be that person who takes 20 minutes to order because I have to take off and add items to my entree to make it healthy, but maybe that is the way it has to be in order to get the meal I want and will feel good about.

So as I was participating in the chat last night I realized yes, I think for a majority of people diet is harder than exercise. Exercise is up to you and you alone, so if you decide to commit to it then you are in charge of your own destiny.

But diet can often be affected by external factors. Such as lack of time, eating out, or limited choices at your local grocery store. Here are some ways I have started to make some of these external factors affect my healthy eating a little less:

Prep foods for the week on weekends when you may have more time-I make a batch of Quinoa or make ground turkey/kale burgers to have for lunch during the week
Make grab and go snacks-I have been pre-bagging nuts and berry trail mix in snack bags, this way when I am hungry I am not just scanning the cupboard, I have a healthy snack ready to go
Pre-wash fruits and veggies-I pre-wash and cut my veggies and fruits, again for grab and go. I am more likely to grab for fruit when I am in a hurry if it is ready to eat
Plan your meals ahead of time-I have started planning breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week while making my grocery list. I used to just plan dinners. I found these great menu planning printables on Pinterest that I am going to try this week
Try new things-Use Pinterest and other recipe sites to find new things to try. I know if I start to get bored I can easily go back to some of my unhealthy choices because they are easy and I know I like them.
Talk with friends-ask friends and family what healthy snacks and meals they have tried and like or use them as a support system to stay on track

What is easier for you diet or exercise?

One last thing before the question of the day, I FINALLY remembered to make overnight oats. I have been wanting to try them for a good two weeks now but always remember in the morning, which defeats the purpose because you are supposed to make them at night, hence the name.

I tried Chocolatey Overnight Oats (I am sure you are not surprised I started with the chocolate option)

Chocolatey Overnight Oats
Chocolatey Overnight Oats

I substituted strawberries for the banana and added flax seed. They were very tasty and I am looking forward to trying other recipes. So glad I finally remembered.

Question of the day

Our first vacation

Since it is Valentines Day I will discuss my first vacation with my husband rather than first family vacation.

It was a quick weekend get-away. He knew I loved live theater so he surprised me with a trip to Toronto to see the Lion King. It was wonderful! We had a great dinner and saw a tremendous show. The part we still laugh about is that when we came out of the theater there were a bunch of rickshaw's waiting there. We thought it would be fun so we hired one and agreed upon a price. We misjudged the distance to our hotel from the theater however and the poor guy ran us for at least a mile more than we had told him. Needless to say he got a nice tip and we have a funny memory.

What was your first vacation?

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