Best Blinds for Families

Keeping a neat, tidy, and beautiful home can be a challenge when you have kids, but it can be done. You just have to be smart about how you decorate.

For example, leather furniture is much easier to clean than suede, and…

Eating After a Lip Lift

A lip lift is an operation that modifies the appearance of the lips to a more appealing one. It reshapes them to enhance the facial area above the lips. Most people who undergo this procedure usually have an elongated gap between their noses and lips and want to make the…



Different procedures for a neck lift

Most of the time, the neck can begin to sag even before other parts of the body for some people. When this happens, then the easy solution to deal with these problems is a neck lift. The neck lift is now a common procedure. The procedure helps in removing the extra skin that sags on the neck region and it can contribute to how your body looks. The neck lift offers the patient a youthful and thinner appearance. Sometimes the patient can combine the neck lift with a facelift so that they can have a uniformed appearance over the collar of their shirts.

What is the Neck lift?

The neck lift is a type of procedure which is meant to reduce the fat or excess skin at the neck region so that the patient can have a taut and thin appearance. You can find three different types of the operative process and they are classified as neck lifts.


This is the procedure which targets the excess skin on the neck. The phenomena may be caused by a genetic disposition to this condition or having dropped too much weight.


This is the procedure used to tighten up, remove or reconstruct the loose neck muscles which give the neck that droopy appearance. The surgery is recommended for people who suffer from a ‘turkey’ neck which is the result of loose muscles.

Neck liposuction

The procedure is done when there is too much fat on the neck. The neck liposuction is recommended for individuals who are overweight and too much fat stays in this area.  

Even if these are the common Neck lift procedures, you can find other methods for tightening up neck region without any need to undergo anesthesia. Botox injections can be used in the neck area in order to reduce bands appearance. The Botox will attack the platysma muscle and it reduces the emergence of such bands.

How long does it take to recover?

If the patient has the neck lift alone, it can take up to three hours to finish the procedure and up to fourteen days to recover. If the neck lift is combined with another procedure, the recovery time will be different.

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