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I am from a family restaurant background but I'll never be a short order cook- never!  I just don't believe in it and now my family can blame my folks.  My parents owned and managed small restaurants that required tons of hard work, elbow grease, no vacations, zero free weekends, and lots of dish washing.  But oh, did I eat well!

My dad took care of a steak house and my mom took care of a small fifteen table Korean restaurant- so any type of food I wanted, I could plead for, and they'd cook it up.  In fact, we were so busy, I don't remember sitting down to eat meals as a family except at group holiday extravaganzas.  Anyways, my point is: I'm not a short order cook if you don't like what I make for a meal.  "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" from the words of Sillyboy.  But now I almost feel bad. And it's curry's fault.

Last night I experimented with a new chick pea recipe and I omitted the chilly seasoning (Sillyboy would have started a dramatic epilogue should any pepper flavoring hit his tongue), but happily went through the rest of the list as noted and mashed up the cooked beans.

Everything came out well; it was the main portion of our soft taco dinner, with shredded organic lettuce chopped tomatoes, and a side of hominy and corn (a combo highly favorited).  I ate three small soft tacos while Sillyboy took one big bite of his, and the husband ate his one.  Then I had one more and no one else said a word. Dinner #fail. They actually tried to be nice, so I didn't get upset or offended they didn't like my new recipe trial.  Lesson learned: my family loathes anything curry related. I shake my fist at this statement because I lurve curry everything (veggie) always- more tumeric for everybody!

Now I'm stuck with having curried chick pea soft tacos for lunch leftovers this week.  Just thrown together in a small tortilla (I couldn't find any whole wheat small ones!), with organic red leaf lettuce.

I would say it even tastes better the day after and the curry flavor tastes even richer.  But, I learned I should never make curry seasoned anything if I expect my family to eat it.  Bambina will get to try some soon, I just don't want to scare her away too early.

On with baby led weaning, I also tried something different I would consider a #win.  It seems like there is limited resources for baby led weaning tips and recipes online and in print, but I'm reading up and searching out blogs as fast as I can.  So I checked out more videos on Youtube (see an infant self-feed from a filled bowl with a spoon here) about the topic, and learned that the idea also stems from infant Montessori experiences.  (Watch Cecilia eat from a fork here.)

One suggestion for the six-to-seven month age group, was to mash or puree (gasp! that's just baby food!) a veggie or two and put some on a spoon.  Then hand the spoon to your kid.  You still don't help them at all- they still feed themselves.  If they miss, they miss.  You can have peas and carrot finger paint instead. Peas and carrot mush trials begin.

Bambina loved it and has some serious spoon skillz.  No hesitation from her on what to do with the spoon at all.  I filled the spoon half-way with the mush and handed it to her.  She grabbed it with both hands and aimed straight for her mouth.

One time she managed to yank it away so fast from me, she beamed her eye with green goop but carried on.  Once she seemed done with the spoon, she willingly let go, and I filled it up again and again.  She didn't even gag once, and if you look closely, the mush was pretty textured.  At no time did I give her any assistance getting the spoon to her mouth (it's a hard practice and self control not to help; for real), because I wanted her to enjoy the experience and avoid any gagging.

Instead of relying on this experiment (I feel like a baby food scientist today), I'm going to give her some veggie or hummus tips for her spears of food and see what happens next!  Have you tried a mix of pureed and whole foods for your infant?  Do you end up with food refusal or gagging when trying BLW?

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