Oh my.  Valentine’s Day is this week and I am very very pregnant with not much energy by the end of the day to do much.  We plan to stay home with our 2 little boys, cook a comforting dinner (bc it’s cold outside!), eat chocolate (that’s a given) and well, just love on each other (because isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?)

While I don’t plan to dress up for the evening, I thought it would be fun to give myself a DIY Mani! (<— Remember this post?) since I can’t reach my PiggyToes and I thought I’d even attempt a little nail art!  A cute little heart over pink or red polish is what I’m leaning towards attempting but here are 3 easy DIY nails for Valentine’s Day!


Supplies to Purchase:

Essie- ‘Lady Like’ Pink Polish: Sold at Target, Walmart or a Beauty Store (such as Sally’s Beauty Supply) near you.  You can also order ‘Lady Like’ online here.

Grow Stronger Base Coat- Essie @ Target

Top Coat Plus- Nicole by OPI

White Tip Nail Pen- Sally Hansen @ Target


Start by applying a base coat, then 2 coats of Essie ‘Lady Like’ Pink.  Then, using a white tip nail pen, draw a heart on one of your nails.  Let dry then apply 1 coat of top coat!

(Photo Credit)


Supplies to Purchase:

Base Coat- Sephora Nail Treatment

White Nail Art Pen- For the heart(s).  You can also use a white polish with thin nail brush

Pink Polish- I like this! -or- Red Polish- This is one of my favorites.  Your Choice!

Top Coat- Seche is my absolute favorite!


Start by applying 2 coats of the base polish. Then, using the thin brush, make small dots (or hearts depending on your ‘skill’ level!)scattered around the perimeter of your nail in varying sizes. Lastly, just let dry and apply a clear top coat!

(Photo Credit)


Supplies to Purchase:

Base & Top Coat- All in One

OPI ‘Met on the Internet’

Nicole by OPI ‘Have a Heart’


Start by applying a base coat, then 2 coats of OPI ‘Met on the Internet’ and 1 coat of Nicole by OPI ‘Have a Heart’.  Let dry then apply 1 coat of top coat!

(Photo Credit)

There you have it; 3 easy, DIY Valentine’s Day Nails!

Let’s do this!  I’ll be sure to post my finished nail ‘look’ here on my FB Page!


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