In 2011, the Abstinence Education Council came in second in the National Moms in Business Crowdfunding Grant competition. This year we are again semi-finalists. Our project this year is to produce a book about the job of mother as models, organizers and mentors, based on our M.O.M. workshop, which made us aware of how women could benefit if they had a good job description. Wanted are stories and tips about how your moms focused or formed your family or how they built the faith which inspired your family or yourself. We would like your help in creating an inspiring and practical book of stories and tips to help guide other mothers and to help fund AEC‘s work. We are asking if people will contribute $5 (or more!) together with their stories to help fund the project.
The Moms In Business Grant Competition started March 12, 2012 and concludes on April 25, 2011. To share your story, the best way is to join (free) and then click on Back Project at the top of your page, on the next page go to the left side and click on non-profit and you will find us. Click on us and go to the right side for the Rewards and we will send you details on the submissions. Stories are not due until the end of August. (For computer allergic people, we can take a check to the Abstinence Education Council and your story and a tip - up to 1000 words, plus a short biography (from 30-300 words, you can put in links, websites etc.). We will also send you a tax receipt.
Would love to have you part of this and if you could pass this on to those you know, we would be grateful. My goal is 1,000 stories to choose from (and $5000)! The impetus for this project came out of the story of Dr. Benjamin Carson, head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. His mother, an 8th grade drop-out and a single mother, changed Dr. Carson’s life around with 3 simple practices. In one year, he went from the bottom of his class to the top and went on to make history in neurosurgery.
Thanks so much for any help you can give us!
Arline Saiki
Abstinence Education Council

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