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Does Omega 3 Fatty Acid Fight from Menopause?

The miracle benefits of omega three cannot all be discussed in one breath as recent research indicates it helps the body fight against breast and prostate cancer. Besides, it has been discovered to be the reasons behind the long life of people in Japan. Heart diseases are compacted by omega three fatty acids, and most recently it used to help women various compact effects of menopause. Use of Omega 3 Fatty Acid for Menopause is advocated as it works miraculously to cause hormonal balances. Omega 3 fatty acid helps in mitigating hot flushes and compact the various Stages of Menopause causing them to live an ordinary life.

The truth about Omega fatty acids

Before checking on specific benefits of omega 3, it is essential to establish facts about their composition and functions. Contrary to what the significant majority of users believe that consuming fats will only lead to weight gain, omega 3 is a different fat as it helps in regulation of weight, by minimizing cholesterol accumulation in the blood. Omega 3 is a well-structured fat that the body can easily synthesis into valuable nutrients and helps fight heart diseases. Besides, its inflammatory properties are vital in fighting “the change” in women.

The Vital elements of the omega three fatty acid

Checking at the molecular content of the fatty acid, you will realize it contains atoms that keep your immune system at their best functioning rate. Besides, they help in nerve cell production that holds both the nervous and immune system in best of health.

Since your body cannot produce the vital fats, you can quickly obtain them from your diet, and once in the body, you will find them in nearly all your body cells. You will see the fatty acids in three distinct forms, omega 3, 6, and 9. Omega is the most vital of the three as it is a polyunsaturated acid. Owing to its capacity to contain inflammation and impact on bone health, women are encouraged to take foods rich in the fatty acid as they approach menopause. However, it is the scarcest fat of the three since it lacks in most of our typical diets.

What Omega 3 Fatty Acid Does in Your Body

Owing to its healing properties, omega three is strongly recommended for women approaching menopause and those experiencing menopause now due to its ability to handle the following.


Women in their postmenopausal stages experience higher concentrations of triglyceride compared to those in their premenopausal stages, something that exposes them to a higher risk of getting heart complications. Omega 3 comes in handy to lower triglyceride levels eliminating the risks that would arise. All you need to do is take one pill of omega three each day to reduce the risk.

Menopause Arthritis

Omega 3 is vital in lowering inflammation in women during their menopause. Joint pain is relieved while stiffness from menopause arthritis. Taking omega three pills gives your body the critical steroids and anti-inflammatory power.

Menstrual pains

While estrogen production lowers in women during menopause, ovaries shrink and occasionally lead to lots of pain. Cramping at this stage is quite painful often caused by prostaglandins. Taking omega three supplements helps the body in compacting the changes occurring in the ovaries and trigger estrogen production.


Science has proven women are at a higher risk of suffering from depression compared to men, with risk rising even higher with the onset of menopause. Menopause is said to cause sadness and emotional imbalances, but omega three has been said enhance moods by restoring the integrity of brain cells, empowering them to perform optimally. As a result, taking omega three supplements allows women to fight stress and depression from within their body.  


Enhanced intake of omega three bone density is enhanced resulting in healthier bones in women. During menopause, women tend to suffer from the bone disease as the body lacks some vital minerals. Taking omega three supplements prevents osteoporosis from deteriorating or taking place completely.

Hot Flushes

Hot flashes in women vary in intensity ranging from one woman to another with some taking place every half an hour.  Regardless of the frequency of occurrence or how long they last, what is necessary for women is taking omega three supplements or foods rich in the same as they are vital in reducing the frequency of the flushes.

How Should You Balance Omega 3 and six levels

Though omega three is often described as good fat, omega six falls on the side of bad fats, yet women need to balance the two. A right balance between the two is essential as it helps optimal body functioning. For instance, while omega six will cause inflammation, omega 6 works to counter the swelling.

The proper ratios between the two should be 4:1 and 2:1. However, due to poor diets especially in America, average ratios range from 10:1 to 30:1. As such, you will need to get to strike a balance between the two is vital for proper body functioning. Considering such diets, it is crucial for American women to consume more than 20 times more of omega six acids compared to omega 3.

The Mediterranean diet is often advised as it poses little threat to heart and aids in lowering cholesterol levels. The Mediterranean diet focuses more on foods rich in 3 such as vegetables, olive oil, wine, fish, and fruits. Elimination of meats rich in omega 6 is essential, and it is avoided from meals at all costs.

Thus, it vital for women to be wary of the foods they consume. Always avoid processed foods rich in modified fats. Such foods prevent the body from natural breaking down of dietary fats. If you see foods containing hydrogenated fats, drop them from your shopping basket as they will lead to more harm in the body. Such fats have a way of rising cholesterol levels since they haven liquefied by adding hydrogen via a chemical process.

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