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Does talking about Suicide encourage Suicide?

I'm a firm believer that in order to fully understand the cause of something we must ask as many questions as possible. Being afraid of the answer is not going to get rid of the problem much less solve it.

I love my Netflix, it's not a plug but hey if someone out there is reading this Hello! Over the weekend on a suggestion from a friend I decided to give this new series called 13 Reason's Why a try. I would have finished the whole first season in one sitting had it not been for my friend wanting to see it as well so we could discuss it. So I stopped at episode 5 and I can't say enough how I believe this is a great conversation starter on Mental Health for everyone.

This series is based on a book about a high school girl who commits suicide and leaves behind thirteen tapes addressed to each person she felt played a role in her death. It's a series that has caused some commotion with those that feel it is glamorizing Suicide and may bring copycat results. I think it can be a possibility but as a parent, I believe it is something that we must pay more attention to and address with any chance we get.

I recall my teenage years as being tough, but not so tough I personally thought of or knew anyone who thought about suicide. My daughter, on the other hand, had three classmates during her High School years commit suicide. Being an age where so many things are changing at once isn't easy, add to that being bullied and having no one to turn to or feeling like you have no one to turn to is a dangerous mix.

Does talking about Suicide encourage Suicide? I hope not, I hope if anything it helps facilitate getting help Mental Health America is a great site with lots of information so is I encourage you to visit these sites, watch this program and talk with your kids about this very important Mental Health issue. As I wrote in my last parenting post asking the right questions is super important.


  • your own experiences as a teenager
  • your own tough times
  • don't be dismissive of the things that matter to your children
  • don't ignore changes and signs
  • talk and ask questions
  • be supportive and kind
  • remain open minded and available
  • look for help where ever necessary

Do you believe that talking about Suicide can raise problems or bring forth solutions? Share your thoughts and or experiences.

Always stress-free xo,


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