I have two little girls and I am dreading (I should say, embracing) the moment when they reach that time in their lives when they leave the innocence of childhood to enter the ever changing  (I’m talking hormones) woes of womanhood.

Ah, puberty. I remember the not-so-pleasant experience of getting my first period at school. I think that I remember wearing white pants that day but I am sure that, in reliving my experience with friends over the years, I may have embellished the story a wee bit. What I do remember clearly – like it happened yesterday – was how mortified I was at the thought that anyone would notice. I hid myself in the bathroom for my entire French class, not sure what to do (this, of course, being before cell phones). I waited for the bell to ring for the next class and snuck down to the office (we did not have a school nurse). I was in tears and extremely embarrassed as I told the secretary that I just got my period. She discreetly gave me a pad to use and sent me back to class. I spent the rest of the day feeling uncomfortable and hoping that I did not smell or show.

Thankfully there is now a product available that can make a girl’s first period experience a positive first step into womanhood. The Dot Girl’s First Period Kit is a great tool to prepare young girls for the event of that first period and the kit also makes it also easier for moms (and dads) to talk to their daughters about menstruation. The kits include everything your daughter needs to know about what to expect and when to expect it. It gives us parents information that is presented in a very concise and informative way.

The kit includes five feminine pads, five disposal bags, the Dot Girl Warm Pad (a reusable gel heating pad for soothing cramps), two hand wipes and the Dot Girl Period Answer Book which answers twenty common questions about menstruation. The kit is designed to look like a cute cosmetic case, with all the essentials for when she gets her period. It fits well in a purse, locker or backpack and, because it looks so discrete, your daughter would not feel embarrassed if anyone saw it.

Girls will typically get their periods between the ages of 10 and 14, with some exceptions earlier or later than these ages. My oldest daughter is 7. That is not so far off in the future and not too early to order a Dot Girls First Period Kit.  You can purchase them here with other helpful products. There are also many other helpful tools and links on the Dot Girl website, such as the free downloadable “period calendar” as well as period stories from other girls, FAQ’s and links to other websites that can answer most questions.

I know that all too soon the days of barbie dolls and tea parties will be gone, but I look forward to sharing every step of the way both my daughters journeys into womanhood.

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