Best Blinds for Families

Keeping a neat, tidy, and beautiful home can be a challenge when you have kids, but it can be done. You just have to be smart about how you decorate.

For example, leather furniture is much easier to clean than suede, and…

Eating After a Lip Lift

A lip lift is an operation that modifies the appearance of the lips to a more appealing one. It reshapes them to enhance the facial area above the lips. Most people who undergo this procedure usually have an elongated gap between their noses and lips and want to make the…



What does it mean when you sit up like you've been hit by a lightning bolt at 5:30 AM from a real as life dream where the van you're driving, which isn't your usual green one BTW, is speeding 65mph down your residential street of 25 mph and you've lost control of the steering? It wouldn't mean that it's now Tuesday morning, and 20 relatives are due to come over for Easter this Sunday and you haven't even lifted a finger to clean your house yet, would it? Could it maybe perhaps have anything to do with the grocery list for the big event that you haven't even penned yet, much less the menu you haven't planned, or shopped for, would it? It wouldn't have anything to do with the awesome Easter baskets that your children have been talking about nonstop that you always have prepared and they just can't wait to find cleverly hidden around the house, but you haven't even dug them out from the basement storage yet, maybe?

No, I didn't think so, either. "Probably just that left over pizza you decided to have right before we went to bed," says my husband, "go back to sleep." "Right...just go back to sleep", I repeat, with my eyes now open as big as my boys after a one pound bag of M&M's. I jump out of bed, " I have a some shopping to do..."

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