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It really is a challenging, eye opening experience.
One that I'm incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to live in daily.
My lil' man teaches me so much about myself it's unreal. 
(and sometimes scary)
My last post was inspired by my life experience.
The Forrest Gump quote totally was heartfelt...although, yes..
you're didn't have much to do
with flying monkeys.
Thursday, when I wrote this post, I was in the middle of
a liquid fast in preparation of a routine screening that I am required to undergo
every 2-3 years.  
Now you get it....
"Dear God, please make me a bird so I can fly far, far away from here."
I was hungry, tired, and anxious to get it all over with.
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis eight years ago.
Thankfully, for the last five years I have not had any issues.  
I joke and blame it on moving back to the south.  (from the midwest...), but I know
honestly it's only by God's healing power that I am able to say that it's been in remission for 
that length of time.
I haven't been on any medication since Bradyn turned a year old.  I didn't need it at the time, but I continued taking it just because I was still nursing, and I didn't want to have any flare ups.
(If at any time this is TMI, please don't feel "obligated" to continue reading...)
The screening process is humiliating.  This is the third time I've had to be screened.
And thankfully the first and only time I've had a complete CLEAN bill of health.
Praise. THE. GOOD. LORD!!!
The first two times, seriously my husband had to DRAG me to the doctor.  I was so hesitant, afraid, nervous...etc.  This time I did it all on my own.  Made the appointment and everything alone.
Seriously, I won't lie and say it didn't cross my mind Thursday 
(when all I could eat/drink was popsicles, jello and chicken broth) 
to call in and cancel my appointment for the next morning.
Oh...I thought about it!  

But, every time I heard lil' man call me "mom",
(which he started lately..makes me tear up..seriously he acts SO old these days!)
I knew I had to go through with it, because if the doctor DID find something, hopefully
we caught it in time and I could live through it.  
The wait at the doctor's office seemed like an eternity.  
The nurses and all were very personable and sweet.  
We talked about the weather, football, March Madness etc.
 but once I got to the actual
room where the procedure would happen...I kind of lost it.
I was asked, yet again,  "Now why are you here today?",  which is most always
followed by a comment of how young I am.

I couldn't help but tear up.
The sweet nurse kindly shut the door,
and came right by my side and had a good
face to face talk with me.
She commended me for taking care of myself
and not "letting it go" 
like she's seen so many people do.
Although I was crying, I was kind of proud.
(and embarrassed of my snotty nosed self.....ha!)
She told me I was doing the right thing, which totally reinforced the only reason I was there
that day.  To PREVENT something bad from happening.  To just make sure that
everything really was going good despite my diagnosis.
I dried my tears had a good laugh, and teased her about adopting her
as my aunt. ;o)
I got my "happy" medicine in the IV and the rest was history.  
Seriously the best "mommy time-out" ever.
I was relieved when my doctor came to see me after I was awake and alert
and shared the news that everything looked good.
I was so glad that it was all over, and thankful to God that He's blessed me with
good health.

This is all part of embracing motherhood for me.

 So many times I get caught up in taking care of my family
and I look over my own needs.
  I'm so glad that I'm aware of the fact that I need to take care of myself
so I can be around a looooooooooooooooong time to take care of my little family.

I'm also so grateful for a husband that will "jolt" my memory
 when he feels I'm not taking good enough care of myself.  
That makes me feel so loved.  

This hasn't always been so easy for me to discuss, and I
don't like going into too much detail, but hopefully 
I've inspired you to look into your own health if you're a parent.

Be aware of your body, and it's changes.

Don't ignore them...

It could save your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

{Clearly, I need to work on my "self portrait" skills...haha!}

Because the love of a family... life's greatest gift!
That's all for now.
Take care!
(Now you have a whole new meaning to that phrase....) 

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