There was a tv show on today that I was able to catch while the kids slept called "Gay Marriage and the people stopping it:" or something to that affect. It was a recap of the Prop 8 situation in California and the other battles in other states. I watched closely, reading signs that people had made. Watching those in support of Prop 8 with their young children standing out yelling that God hates fags.

I don't understand how people's hearts can be so full of hate. They claim they are representing God and speaking God's word. But how can those same words of hate be coming from their God? Isn't God supposed to be loving and forgiving? Not about torture and hate.

To those who seem to think that they can decide another person's fate, I say to you, allow the people you are pushing, to push you back. Let them point a finger at your marriage and say it is wrong. Let them choose your husband or wife and see how you like it.

If these people are so against gay marriage, I ask why? What gives you the right to judge others? What gives you the right to say that there is only one way something can be done. In life, in mother nature, there are multiple ways things happen. There are animals who can reproduce on their own without a mate. Do you say that is wrong or evil? No, you protect the species to make sure it doesn't go extinct. So why are you treating your fellow man like they are less than those types of animals?

In many ways, those who are against gay marriage can be related to Hitler's view on life. Yes, Adolf Hitler. And yes, I am comparing those who hate gays to the leader of Nazi Germany. Hitler hated certain races, sexes, ages, religions, etc. The list goes on. He hated them for NO reason other than he personally thought they made the world a bad place. And he thought he could fill the world with people that he considered the perfect race. He was intent to make the perfect world. And funny, that everything he thought would make the perfect race, he was totally not like. He wanted blonde, tall and handsome. Hitler was short, dark haired and ugly. And he had a Jewish background!

Guess what? HITLER DIED. He may have killed millions of people in his path to the "perfect" world. But he was overthrown. NOBODY in this world has the right to pick and choose who should live and who should die and what they should do in the mean time. If you want to think that there are people in the world who don't deserve to be here. Fine, that is your own personal beliefe. But to go out and say that there should be laws against them. That is just the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Take the time to look in the mirror and see why you have such issues with gays. Did you have an experience that ended up bad and instead of owning up to it, you just become against it? Were you abused by someone growing up who was the same gender therefore you have a personal issue with the gay situation? Or is it because you fear what you do not understand? Do you really only hate because you don't get it?

The battle for LGBT is no different than that battle for civil rights for African Americans. They had to fight to vote, fight to eat in the same places as white people, fight to go to school and even fight to get married to white people. There are always those who will try and stop it. But in the end, justice always prevails and the truth becomes free. And everyone becomes equal. So why not just let it happen right now? We live in 2009. Not 1949. We should be free. EVERYONE. Not just certain people. If we start picking and choosing who can marry who, why not starting picking who can have children. Why not start a program with the government that makes you get a liscense to breed? It would cut down on the abuse of children because those who abuse wouldn't be able to pass to get a liscense. There would be less population and therefore saving the environment. I mean, if we are going to say who can do what with whom, having children would be a good place to start. There would be less suicide because people who couldn't handle having children, wouldn't be able to have them because of a law. There would be mandatory birth control and you are only allowed to have it removed when you get your liscense. See how silly that sounds. Same as gay marriage. Blocking people from spending their life with the person tehy are in love with is the same thing. Silly and pointless. It doesn't help anything. It doesn't save anyone. If anything, if hurts people from the inside. The worst place to hurt a person. You strip them of their rights and you take away their soul. They will then either go one of two ways. Fight it and continue to love whomever they choose or they will crack and suffer and could end up suicidal because they are constantly being told that they are wrong.

There are those who say that it is against God to be gay. That to be gay, you must not be a good person. Well you know what.....almost all of the gay people i have ever met, have been the most wonderful, most humble, most respectable people I have ever had the honor of calling friends. There are many straight people, who I won't touch with a 10 foot pole because of how crappy they lead their lives. I don't step in and tell them they are screwing up. It is their life to screw up, not mine. But because I don't agree with their choices, I stay away from them. I don't associate with them. That is my choice. I don't allow anyone to tell me who I can and can't be friends with. So why can't you do the same? Why can't you just turn your head when you see a same sex couple walking down the street. If you don't like the neighborhood you are in, you have the choice to pack your things and leave. The saying is if you don't like something, change it. If you don't like the way gays interact out in public, if it physically makes you ill, then DON'T LOOK! It drives me nuts to see these people who are bothered by gays and their public affection, but will sit at a park and stare at a gay couple for no reason. I MEAN DUH!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like spiders, so I don't go near them. I don't look at them outside, I don't stare at them. I deal with the situation by walking away and not focusing on the spider. I don't kill it because I don't feel it is my place to kill. I have my husband pick him up with paper and take him outside to where he belongs. The same theory goes for people who don't approve of gay marriage. If you don't like the situation, remove yourself from it. If you are totally unable to leave the situation, close your eyes or turn around the other way. NOBODY forces you to see what others do in their lives.

This country needs to step up and just say EVERYONE in this country legally is equal. No matter sex, race, religion, sexual prefrence, color, where you live, where you work, how much you make and so on and so forth. I don't believe that any special interest groups should get any type of little extras. It bothers me sometimes that there are specific organizations that allow only blacks or only give scholarships to blacks. But then when a group does the same for only white students, then it becomes an issue of race. You can't have it both ways. If you want equality, then you have to give equality. You can't complain because you don't get the same treatment as white people, then turn around and restrict white people to benefits given to only blacks. If there are going to be organizations who choose to give scholarships to only black children or only hispanic children or only white children, then that needs to be okay with everyone. If there is only family who feels that it is not fair to give scholarships based on ethnicaity, then all programs must be shut down. Not just the one who is only for white students.

The same goes for marriage. If you allow everyone to have access to be legal partners in the laws eyes, then there should be rules and regulations in place for EVERYONE. Such as paying a fee to get a marriage license. Filing jointly on income tax and stuff like that. Then, the churches need to step up to their end and say okay, you can be married in God's eyes, but it will be up to the church to say who they will and won't marry. If you don't like the fact that they pick and choose, you have the right to pick and choose your church. If you don't like the fact that the church you belong to seperates the I think every church in the United States should have no funding from the governement at all. I think if they are getting money from the government, then there is no seperation from Church and State.

Anyways, thats enough of the rant for now! I will post a blog tomorrow on the updates that I have!

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Comment by Sarah Lambert on September 21, 2009 at 10:36pm
Hi, I wanted to comment on your post and say that I thought it was awesome! I completely agree with you about it. I especially liked your, license to breed. It actually makes sense!!! I think you should ride that one all the way to the White house!



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