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It's an Oxymoron...."Erica and yard work" I get a little cranky at just the thought, and I usually have to prepare myself for about a week before I head out to mow or clip.

I do love to garden, but honestly that's totally different!! I'm not a master gardener, no Martha Stewart by any means. My technique is more like....throw some seeds here and let's see what happens in a couple weeks. I'll plant a flower or plant and wonder why it looks it and then say to myself "Well no wonder, it's supposed to be in the shade not full sun" then I'll dig up the dang thing and find a new home for it.

We have lived in our house for 5 years now and every Spring, I get giddy when I see that they are coming back up and getting bigger. I am loving the way it's kinda wild and things are here and there and everywhere....because frankly that's "me"

When it comes to other yard work...I prefer to sit and watch my hubby do it. I hate to mow and clip and ugh whatever else that requires me to sweat like a pig. The only two places it's ok to be sweaty...treadmill and during a "roll in the hay"

Chris is in Germany and my neighbor aka lawn boy is on vacation. So, I really had no choice but to mow. I had to sweet talk myself everyday "It won't be so bad" "Geeze Erica, get your pink panties off already" "You are too spoiled, prove to yourself you can do this"

I broke down the lawn into three parts and finished in three days. Now, if you know my are laughing and about to pee your pants at the moment...because our yard is TINY people. But hey, in the five years we have loved here...this will be only my second time mowing. Yeah, I know!!!

I had a "little talk" with the mower....just a few "Please start, and don't embarrass me" I primed it and yanked the cord and it started. Whoo hoo...feeling bad and sassy!!!

The front yard....I know my hubby does a different "pattern" every time he mows, but honestly I had no idea what in the hell I was doing. So, I gave it my own little twist and ended up w/ kind of a "target" pattern. hmmm, besides the green feet and ruined pedicure....that wasn't so bad.

Next day...back yard. First up... doggie poop duty. And seeing that I didn't want green feet again, or to step in a lovely pile that I missed...I came up w/ the best outfit I could for this job. I'm sure a few pictures may show up somewhere or a video on America's Home Video, or the worst yet....on the back page of Glamour's fashion don'ts with a black bar across my eyes......but I was comfortable and ok with it.

Swimsuit and cover up, and my rain boots:) No green feet and I was cool.

I thought to myself afterward, as I sipped my diet coke and wondered how I'm gonna get the green grass stain off of my cute boots..."tomorrow, I will tackle the side yard and I think I'm gonna fire that lawn boy....I can SO do this all Summer" And "Maybe head to Fleet Farm for a mowing the grass outfit"

Happy gardening and mowing, xoxo


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