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For the rest of you who want to live life on the edge and take the blue pill (or is it the red one?) read on.

Life is not a fairytale. I'm sure most of us realize that the magic of
adulthood seems so much more glamorous when we are little and playing
dress up to go to work or playing mommy with a baby doll. But those of
us in the real world (this excludes those annoying rich kids,
celebrities, and anyone else who gets everything handed to them without
having to put in the hard yards. Those people can just bugger off,
because they are annoying as hell.)
we know life is not like the movies or your favorite tv episode where
everyone has perfect hair and never goes to the bathroom or goes to
work. See they don't show those things because they are boring and
average and what the rest of the world does. After all who wants to
watch a show all about a couple that works all the time and sometimes
does fun things like going out to dinner with friends or going to the
beach on the weekend? No, we want to watch people doing things that we
can't or won't do, people that spend $800 dollars on shoes and are
secret spies or solve crazy murder cases. If all the entertainment was
about people like us, then where would be our escape from our normal
So where does that leave the rest of us? Those of us who have maybe
watched too many happy endings and just assumed that is the way life
works out. Life is hard, and boring, and full of having to do lots of
things you don't want to do. Its full of responsibility and keeping a
budget and doing the right thing.

But, saying all that, and getting even myself a bit depressed in the
process, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. See, your not done
yet. Things can still turn around, you can make them better. I have
found that when I am in the lowest spot and just want to crawl into bed
and pull the covers over my head, that it doesn't actually help at all.
The best thing, and as much as it grates me even now thinking about it
because I know its the very last thing you want to do, is get back up
and try again. It doesn't have to be huge progress, and it doesnt have
to relate to the thing that has got you down, but I'm telling you, if
you can take a tiny step towards something, to cross something off your
to do list, or research that night class online, you will feel better.
It gets the focus off you and how horrible your life is and helps you
focus on how much better you can make your life.

The key is to take control of your life. They say you are exactly where
you want to be as a result of decisions you make everyday. Whether that
means your too scared to apply for that great job, or to ask that cute
boy out, or let someone convince you into doing something you didnt want
to do, this life you have is your own fault. So start taking those
little steps now that before you couldn't be bothered doing because it
was too hard. Before you know it, you will be on your way to your own
fairytale ending, and even better that having it handed to you, you have
created your own destiny.

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