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Hey Friends, I'm a ball of SHEAR EXCITEMENT about the three topics I want to discuss in this post. Bubbling with feverish bliss, Gleefully Ecstatic, overcome with ELATION...happy.

We'll go in an orderly fashion, starting with the news...

I'm pleased to announce that my 9 month-old (baby) blog just placed in the TOP THREE local blogs in the annual Mountain Express "Best of Western North Carolina" competition!!! For those who don't live here--it's kind of a big deal in Asheville. Not only that, A Spicy Perspective is the only FOOD blog listed. So I suppose I could stretch the honor a smidge and say ASP was voted top Food Blog in Western North Carolina! (wry smile)

Jokes aside, I'm honored, humbled, and extremely encouraged! Many thanks to those who voted, and come back week after week to sample my
recipes and read my ramblings. Hugs to you!

Second on the agenda, a breakthrough in my apple bread endeavors!

If you happen to read numerous blogs, like I do, you might find
you collect a bundle of recipes, project ideas, and improvement tips
that you file away with good intentions, but never really find the time
to use. I read a LOT of food blogs...a lot. Many of friends and
friends-to-be. I find myself in wonder at all the creativity and
resourcefulness coming from these blogs. And the food! Holy heaven, the
glorious dishes some bloggers produce put many celebrity chef's to

Yet for every 40 recipes I save, I may get around to cooking ONE. Why? Because I'm constantly tinkering away, coming up with my own recipes to serve to you! These bloggers serve up a hefty side of PRESSURE, with their fantastic fare! *wink*

However, on occasion I come across a blog recipe that MUST be made
instantly. If lacking ingredients, at least, within a week's time!

A few days ago, I was reading my friend Rosa's blog, Rosa's Yummy Yums, and stopped cold when I saw the photo of her apple bread.

You see, after moving to North Carolina we started going to apple
orchards every fall. At the orchard stores I discovered apple bread! Not
apple bread that is heavy and dense like banana or pumpkin bread, but light yeasty apple bread with tender apple morsels suspended in its supple folds.
I've been contemplating this bread for sometime now. What sort of dough
could create such a unique and addictive bread? How can it be so light
and still hold up the apple chunks?

When I saw Rosa's apple bread,
I knew she held to answers to these mystical secrets! Actually Rosa
would say, it's no secret at all. She found an Apple Challah recipe from
King Arthurs Flour and modified it to her liking. She's a genius, that
Rosa. (You really should take a moment to check out her site!)

After making this bread recipe, I've tweaked it slightly as well--to further replicate the famous apple bread haunting my dreams.
Rosa's bread is glazed with eggwash before baking to create a brilliant
glossy crust. I decided to glaze mine after, with an apple cider-sugar
glaze like at Grandad's Orchard.

The bread was outstanding! This is not a recipe to be filed for later--this BEGS to be baked, right away! For
Halloween, or a fall party, possibly for Thanksgiving, but
really...don't wait that long. You'll smack yourself after tasting it,
for not baking it sooner! You can view step by step photos on the KAF site.

Click here for the Harvest Apple Challah recipe!

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