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This look is a basic neutral eye with a fun, fresh twist and a bit of unexpected color.


Most of the makeup in this tutorial is NYX cosmetics. Everything other than the Mascara and lower lash line color, is all from my local CVS. 

I am in love with physicians formula BB and CC cream.  It is all I wear as foundation.  My BB cream is a little dark for me since it is lighter in texture I prefer it in the summer.  With the cooler weather (it is actually 90 this week) right around the corner I have switched to my CC cream.  So for this makeup look and basically ever other picture you see of me, that is what is on my face. 


For my concealer I am using the Nyx dark circle concealer in fair.  I set it with loose powder.

Cheeks are Nyx blush in pinched.  Worked onto the apples and blended softly up towards the temple.  Emphasis on Blend and Softly!



Contour is NYC cosmetics Skin Smoothing Bronzer in Sun. It really does give a soft look to your skin with out looking powdery.  It is matte so it is perfect for contouring.  Oh and it cost $3. Go buy it.  Now!  Wait finish reading first then go. 


The lips are Nyx cosmetics pale pink lip liner and strawberry parfait butter gloss. When I posted a photo of this lippie look people instantly went out to buy it.  Oh and my husband was absolutely IN LOVE with this look. 


OK so for the eyes! On the lid I used my Madeleines and Macaroons palette from Nyx.  I wrote a review about it earlier this week.  You can read that Here.



How to Eyes

Apply eyeshadow base in a skin tone color. 


1. All over from lash line to brow bone.


2. Blended in crease and light handedly blended to the inner corner.


3. Pat gently onto the lid, repeat 2 or 3 times building the color on the lid. 


4/6. Mix these two colors together. Blend from middle of crease to the outside of the eye. Keeping the outside corner darker and blending in ward.

8. Blend a little bit of this pinky taupe right above the middle of your crease, you can also do this with your blush.  It will break up the browns, pull the look together and give an extra brightness to the face.


1. Take that same basic #1 and blend it under your brow bone.  This is a matte shadow so i usually take a little bit of my highlighter and apply that just in the middle. However I did not use any highlighter on my skin for this look.


Lastly line the top water line with Nyx midnight waterproof pencil.  The top lid is lined with Nyx skinny marker in black.  I finish with 3 coats of Mascara.  I love Chanel inimitable and Younique 3D Fiber Lash.


Here is twist I mentioned in the beginning. I used a bright blue eye shadow smudged over the dark blue pencil into the lower lash line. Making sure to keep it the darkest at the outer corners and smudging the color to  gradually make it lighter.  Do not bring the blue all the way to the inner corner you want to leave this area clean for highlighting.  Stop the color at the edge of your eye ball. 


Here is a picture of what I mean




I used blue which is great because it is universal. It works for all skin tones and eye colors.  Blue liner will make the whites of your eyes appear whiter, allowing you to look more awake!  However you can use any accent color you like.  Plum is also beautiful on all eyes especially green or hazel.  This time of year greens are enchanting and fun to play with on all eye colors. 


Lastly I used good ole Maybelline eyebrow pencil in blonde.  It is not red and it is not brown so it works with my platinum blonde locks.  I personally don't like dark thick brows on my face.  I am also not a fan of perfectly sculpted brows.  I like a softer natural brow that frames my face. 


Makeup should always be fun.  It should enhance not hide your beauty.  You may not always get your liner straight or your blush perfectly blended, that is OK.  Wash it off and try again. Like with anything else, makeup comes with a learning curve.  I promise if you can color a children's coloring book you can apply makeup. 

Thank you so much for reading.  I would love to see pictures of your makeup faces! 

Please Subscribe, Like and Share I have some GIVEAWAYS coming up you do not want to miss.  I can't wait to share and you don't want to miss them! XOXOXO Hope.


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