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Activities with my family

family loves the season of fall, we love everything about the season God gave
us, right before Winter!  I have three
wonderful girls, and they are already asking about making our leave castles
from the piles that we rake up!  They
are excited for every season, but the cool crisp area, lovely colors, just make
fall special! 

year we spent a morning at an orchard picking fresh apples, and found many
little pumpkins to bring home.  Fresh
warm applesauce is the best on the cooler days!   It was fun watching the girls collect ‘their’ apples, and fill
the bags.  The joys of childhood can
only be expressed by the smiles, laughter, and fun we have together!  Another activity that we enjoyed as a family
was a Hay Bale maze at a local farm that also had a corm maze.  Our girls we too young to enjoy the corn
maze, but they loved climbing on the hay, and finding their way ‘home’!  You can’t go wrong with climbing at any age,
so good for them, as they grow and develop their bodies! 

are so many free activities that you can take part in, enjoying just a nature
walk, finding acorns, different colored leaves, or pine cones to name a
few!  We love collecting things, so we
always bring along baskets or bags on our walks.    ‘Shape finders’ is also another fun game, or matching things,
you can be creative with what you match, and it helps them think outside the
box, looking at the world God created and enjoying what we have been given by
our Creator!  The earth is so full of His
riches, Glory and its fun to talk with my girls. 

make connection to time with the changes of seasons, and the season to what we
do in that season.  So much to enjoy and
look forward to in each season, but don’t rush it because it goes by way to
fast.  Take a good look at the memories
you create each day, and enjoy them all one day at a time! 

last activity we enjoy is carving pumpkins. 
I do most of the cutting, but I let the girls design it, and feel the
wonderful texture of the mushy insides! 
It’s a fun activity to do outside if you can!  I also like to collect and dry the seeds, some for eating and
others for crafts, gluing them on paper in the shape of pumpkins or whatever
the child decides.   Then when it’s
complete, who doesn’t like to put a little fire inside and see what has been
created in the dark! 

the fall and all that it has for you and your family!  

Amy Mahar is a child of the King, a wife to a godly man, and a mother to three
little girls.  Raised in Maine, and now lives in Maryland with her family.  Is a
starting home-school mom to her 4 and 3 year old, a volleyball coach, and enjoys
being with her family.  Learning to balance family/craft and school time with
keeping up with the daily household duties.  She loves leaning new things, and
knits and crochets when she has time. 

Thank you for sharing...

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