Family Friendly Fridays: Homemade Naan Bread

Would you believe it's already time for another addition of Family Friendly Friday? As you probably already know, today we are going to put
together the much anticipated finale to our delicious Indian dinner; the
naan bread. Yum!

I know, I know, I probably should have braved the roti and believe me, I
wanted to. But as is typical for me, I was lazy and didn't have the
proper flour to do it nor did I have the fancy equipment that Ekata used
to puff it up and make it all delicious looking, so in the end I
settled for a homemade naan with what I had available in my pantry.

have to also confess that I can't take credit for this recipe. I
honestly had no idea how to put together naan before I tackled it for
this meal, so I figured it was better left up to someone who knew a bit
more about Eastern breads than I. I tracked down a worthwhile recipe at
the BBC's Indian Food Made Easy
and it was indeed, easy as well as tasty. And of course I was, again, lazy and made it without any additions, but feel free to add in any flavors you'd like to the bread.

Finally, before we get started, I need to do a little housekeeping. Just in
case my site goes completely bonkers this weekend, I thought I'd give
you all a heads up that I'm in the process of switching over to
wordpress. I expect the switch to take place in the next day or two and
have no idea what I'll end up with. It could be beautiful or it could
look like a pile of rubbish all over the internet floor. So bear with
me while I tackle this new world and hopefully I'll come out of it a bit
shinier and nicer on the other side.

And last but not least, don't forget to add your family friendly link to
the bottom of this post. There's no link back required and no hard
rules as to what to link up so long as it's family friendly. Vacations,
recipes, stories about your kids, it's all good. So have fun with it
and have a great weekend!

Ok, on to the good stuff! Let's make some naan, shall we?

9 Oz of Flour (just over 1 Cup)
2 tsp of Sugar
1/2 tsp of Salt
1/2 tsp of Baking Powder
1/2 Cup of Milk
2 Tbsp of Olive Oil (not sure where I hid it)

First up, sift your dry ingredients, the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder together into a bowl.

In a separate bowl mix together your oil and milk.

Now, grab your bowl of flour and make a well in the middle. Dump in your oil milk mixture.

Slowly incorporate the flour into the oil until you have a dough ball. Knead
the dough for about 6 to 8 minutes until soft and smooth. Add more
flour is your dough is sticky.

let me step in here and say that I needed to add quite a few extra
splashes of flour to achieve the right consistency and texture of my
dough so don't panic if yours initially seems a bit sticky.
Here's my dough ball in all its glory.

Grab a hunk of dough off your ball, throw some flour on your counter and roll it out nice and thin.

Grab a large saute pan and heat it up on high heat. When the pan is good
and hot, throw your rolled out dough into the pan. Cook it up for 1 to 2
minutes on each side. Here's side one....

And.... FLIP!

Repeat with the rest of your dough and serve it up! And now you have
everything you need to put together a tantalizing Indian feast. I hope
everyone enjoyed walking through a taste of India with me this week!

your weekend and on tap for next week I'll be sharing up a little
rhubarb strawberry goodness, reviewing part II of my Bison stash and
learning a bit about the science of peppers among other delicious
endeavors. See you all on Monday!

Grab a Copy of the Recipe HERE.

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