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Few Myths Related To The Mattresses That You Should Not Believe

Shopping for a mattress is sometimes the most excruciating experience that you may have, from numerous options to pushy salespersons. Moreover, you may get confused to determine what you require in the first place. It’s quite easy to get a wrong one but it should not be that ways.

Following Are Few Myths About Mattresses

  • Pillow Top Mattresses Are Most Comfy

This is one common misconception which is created by different manufacturers who are looking to differentiate their goods from that of competitors’. However, it has been found that same plush comfort can be got with a contemporary mattress design, irrespective how weird that may sound.

In case you desire creating one fluffy princess bed, it’s not wrong to top off a standard, solid mattress with the cushioned pad you like.

  • Size Doesn’t Matter

It’s quite simple that a mattress can’t give same level of comfort to a 25 pound man and a 120 pound woman.

It’s an increasing trend among the new mattress companies that try to cut the complicated contrasts which come with catalogue of various models, making claims that all mattresses are the same.

However, besides the weight there are few other factors as well that might affect the choice of a mattress such as the sleeping difficulties that  a person has, natural sleeping position of person, their height , weight and age, general preferences as per the previous mattress experience they had.

  • Lifetime Warranty Value

When the companies claim “lifetime warranty”, they actual mean it about the materials lying inside the mattress, which is not warranty actually. It has been recommended a top sleeping foundation that you should change your mattress every eight to 9 years or so, irrespective of the outstanding warranty that your mattress has.

The life of your mattress actually depends upon several factors such as its original quality and usage, but normally speaking, it will not last for more than 9 years. After that, it won’t be able to give you enough support and comfort.

  • There Is No Proper Bed Setup Without Box Spring

Unless your bed’s frame is still on slats for supporting, you don’t require a box spring as per the National Sleeping Foundation. Box springs got invented firstly for helping in absorption of shock as the mattresses were very thin at that time.

These days, most of the box springs do what is to enhance your bed’s profile. Therefore again, if you want a princess look, you should start stacking. In case you don’t, it will just be an unnecessary and extra cost. What you require is a solid platform beneath you mattress for additional support.

  • A Lie Down Test IS Enough While Shopping

The only real way of testing a mattress is to sleep on it, and if it feels comfortable, it’s made for you. When it’s about shopping a mattress, the companies offer both the return shipping rates and the trail period.

And if the chosen mattress doesn’t fit your needs, you can return it straight away. But the best way of doing this is to take the mattress at home and then try it rather than trying in showroom itself.

One important point to be mentioned here is that there are few companies which don’t give this facility. Therefore you should go with the ones, who have adequate return policies.


Mattress shopping is of course not an easy task. You can take your friend or partner along for assisting you in it. You can go for Black Friday deals beds this time for shopping, at reasonable rates.

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