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Why Every Family Needs Business-Level Internet Security

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Fibroids during Pregnancy and Its Possible Complications

Often times, the pregnant women learn about their fibroids during the initial ultrasound as the non-cancerous masses hardly cause any symptoms. However, majority of the women these days are the victim of this condition. These fibroids are basically the abnormal growths which develop on one’s uterus. The exact reason behind the growth of these masses is still unclear but there is a possibility that the condition may run in the families. The fibroids can’t be eliminated during pregnancy as the uterus, during this condition, is more prone to bleed. Hence, the pregnant women are bound to live with those masses until their babies are born. Though the problems related to the uterine fibroids are quite rare, it is still significant to be conscious of certain possible complications.

•    Pain

Fibroids which are usually 2 inches or more are likely to develop in volume during pregnancy.  The growth of these fibroids is usually driven by estrogen as well as progesterone hormones. It is for you to know that during rapid growth, the central area of fibroid can worsen which can further lead to pain. The doctors usually prescribe medicines in case it aches badly. The patients are rarely hospitalized for the intravenous pain control.

•    Risk of premature membrane rupture or preterm birth

The growing fibroids can enhance the possibility of premature birth of the baby. Besides this, there’s also a chance that the water of the pregnant woman with fibroids may break prior to the little one is prepared to take birth.

•    Complications during the delivery

1.    The position of the baby may get affected

Depending on the fibroid’s location as well as orientation, the little one may end up in breech or else transverse position. This condition necessitates the C-section.

2.    Fibroids can actually make vaginal delivery difficult

In case the fibroids are located in the lower portion of one’s uterus near cervix, such a condition may obstruct delivery. This particular condition might also necessitate a C-section.

Though the possibilities of experiencing complications during fibroid pregnancy are quite rare, it’s a must for you to consult your doctor in case you’re diagnosed with this condition. Owing to the effectual advancements in the field of medicine, it is no more a necessity to opt for hysterectomy in order to treat the fibroids.

UFE or Uterine Fibroid Embolisation is the procedure that is performed by the doctors these days for removing the non-cancerous masses. This treatment cures the fibroids permanently by preserving one’s uterus. One can also have a faster recovery after having this surgery. Often times, these uterine fibroids can be the major cause of infertility. However, after having UFE, a woman is more likely to become pregnant and deliver healthy, normal babies.

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