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This is part 2 in the "Finding the Perfect Moisturizer" Series.  As I mentioned 2 weeks ago, I will be looking at organic vs. cosmetic moisturizers.

When you're looking for that perfect moisturizer you might also be wondering what ingredients go in to that particular brand that you are about to buy.  And you would be wise to question that.  Every ingredient, chemical or otherwise is absorbed in to our skin.  There is little research on the lasting effects of these chemicals, but researches suggest that chemicals absorbed in to the body will have a lasting and negative effect on the health of the individual*.  For more information, read about it here.

So what is the solution?  The easiest way to bypass these concerns is to use Organic Moisturizers.

These types of moisturizers only contain natural ingredients derived from plant materials, and they must also pass regulations to call themselves organic (see here).

There have been leaps and bounds made in organic skin care in the last few years.  More and more consumers are not only asking for more health conscious products, but also products that deliver results.  The good news?  There are now more and more beauty and skin care lines that are not only organic but are more readily available to the consumer.

So what are some of the fabulous brands?

Well, I've always been a fan of Lush Cosmetics.  I've been using their products since my early 20's when a roommate of mine was the manager of the local Lush in our neighborhood.  And I love the way their creams and moisturizers make my skin silky smooth and smell fantastic!

Celestial Moisturizer perfect for sensitive skin.

If you visit their website, you will find many options that will suit your skin care needs.  They also list all their ingredients on the site, so you know exactly what you are putting on (and really... in) your skin.  Watch their video and see what they are all about!

There are many other great organic skin care lines out there.  But where can you go to compare different brands?  My go to website for comparison shopping is Beauty.com.   They have many brands to choose from like Juice Beauty, Origins, L'Occitane, Intelligent Nutrients, and John Masters Organics just to name a few.  From there I usually visit the websites where I can make decisions on what to buy.  *Note to Canadian Consumers*  Beauty.com no longer ships to Canada directly as of November 2011.  Please read their shipping policies for further information.  For my Canadian friends, Sephora.ca is a fabulous alternative.

Still looking for that perfect organic moisturizer?  Need more ideas?  Check out where I get my eco friendly on at EcoStiletto.com for tons of natural ideas.


Ok, after reading all that and you're not convinced that organic is the way to go.  You're just not sure...  That's ok!  There are tons of fantastic cosmetic (or commercial, non-organic) moisturizers out there.   

Again, for comparison shopping I always refer to Beauty.com.  Their lists for the newest products and the best trends in skin care are always up to date and easy to read.  There is also a skin care analyzer that will find the perfect products for your skin type!!  From there, you can visit your local drugstore or order directly online.

 So what do you look for in a cosmetic/commercial moisturizer?  Well for me, I look for great reviews, fantastic and quality ingredients, and a fair price.  I don't mind spending more if the quality is there, but I have to know what people think of the product before I buy it!  I want to know if it works even remotely as well as advertised.  

Remember, advertising claims usually fall short.  I want moisture!  And I want that brand/product to deliver!

One of the better skincare lines that I have tried and loved is Philosophy

The "Hope" series

After trying Hope in a Jar, my skin immediately felt softer and was more radiant.  I thought it was fantastic!  Plus if you sign up on their website now, you get a free gift! How awesome is that?

Other brands I love:  Dior, Biotherm, Origins, Clinique (This is my night time moisturizer), Clarins, and Lancome.  

Whether you are going organic or not, the best brand of skin care is one that you research a little bit beforehand.  Many brands claim to do many things and make a lot of promises.  But with a bit of knowledge on hand, you'll be sure to make the right choices.  Just remember that moisture is what a moisturizer was meant to bring to your skin, and fancy packaging and claims do not make a better product.

Happy Comparison Shopping!

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Find the Perfect Moisturizers in Fight The Frump Friday on March 9th.  I'll be looking at Department Store vs. Drug Store Brands.   

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