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Here are 5 top…

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One of the biggest questions you face is the best childcare option for your kids during the summer. There are so many options: camps, daycares, in-home care to name a few but first you should ask yourself some key questions:

Determine your child’s interests

Camps: There are many to choose from– pick one or two activities your child really wants to experience. Communicate with your child. What does he or she want to do? Making your kids do activities they’re not interested in can make for a long summer.

Parks & Recreation Activities: From daily activities to weekly activities there are many activities for kids of all ages and my of these options can be very affordable.

Community Pools and Neighborhood Activities: These are great summer activities where kids can just “be a kid.”

Parents – don’t over schedule your child - factor in downtime to just hang out.

Convenience – Questions to ask

How far away is camp/activity? Do they provide transportation? With current gas prices, is this a cost-effective choice?
Does the camp provide activities for a variety of ages?
When is the camp?
Will it interfere with family vacation plans?
When attending the pool or other community events, if you can’t be there, will your child need a caregiver? Do you have an on-demand sitter solution and is the sitter background screened?

Determine your budget
Camp costs: Length and type will determine costs
1 week day-camp – price for 6 hours a day begins at about $95 a week.
Overnight camp – 1 week overnight can run $800 – $1000

Child Care Costs:
Drop-In Day Care - $5.00 - $8.00 an hour depending on age of child
Pros – Affordable, Some flexibility
Cons – Not as structured – limited availability

Mothers’ Day Out – On average – about $40-$60 per child for six hours
Pros – Affordable, convenient, some structured activities
Cons – Typically only available once or twice a week

Full Time Caregiver – $350-$430/week – 1 child – can be a little more for extra kids
Pros- Convenience, safety, structure, you set the schedule
Cons – May not work for every budget

• Consider sharing a sitter with a neighbor or friend.

• Create an “Informational Book” for sitters
SeekingSitters uses Family Information Packets and gives on to each member family to fill out – with everything that a sitter needs to know about the family, kids, schedules, emergency numbers etc.

• Background Checks: Remember to make sure whatever service you use performs a thorough background screening by a live person.

It’s important to plan appropriately to provide the best, most convenient summer experience for you and your children. SeekingSitters can provide a safe and reliable Certified Professional Sitter to fit any of your needs. For more information on babysitting services, please go to or contact Adrienne Kallweit at 918.749.3588.

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