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First day on Mom Bloggers Club and I'm in the news! Happy Days are here again!

So, here I am on the Mom Bloggers Club! Among my own kind finally! How fabulous is that?  I would love to meet all the mom's and interview them on my show -- mom to mom!  Sounds so fun!  I hope you will consider it!  In the meantime, here is a little news on me today.  I was so excited to share my Power Mom Food Fund passion of feeding and funding families and it's so rare I get to see good news on myself that I am fairly brimming with excitement.  I hope you don't mind if I share!  Cheers to all you moms!  I can't wait to get to know you!


National Radio Host and Mompreneur Kim Power Stilson Endorses eFoods Global Offering to Families

Stilson brings over 17 years of media experience while working from home and has a reputation of sharing her voice to address and help mothers with family concerns; eFoods Global’s concept of saving, and sharing food plays a significant role for mothers and gives them an opportunity to feed and fund their families

Midvale, UT (PRWeb) June 22, 2011—Kim Power Stilson, a nationally known mompreneuer, has endorsed eFoods Global, the nation’s category creator in premium-quality food reserves, as the premiere financial and preparedness opportunity for women around the world. Stilson represents millions of women who struggle to help support their families but who can now use the eFoods Global concept to keep them funded and fed. 

As a wife of a policeman, mother of three, and media host for 17 years, Stilson knows that balancing work, being a good mother, and feeding her family is a time and financial struggle. “The values of eFoods Global—serve, save, share—is geared to moms who can use our model to pay for their families’ food every single day,” said Brad Stewart, President of eFoods Global. “Kim knows how tough it is to make sure her family is fed. eFoods Global makes it easy; our premium-quality food products are ready-to-eat, convenient, and savable over time. Kim believes in eFoods, and she believes in the power of moms.”

Me and daughter Maddy making 2 minute or less meals for other moms!

Over the last 8 years on the radio, Stilson has met many people with marvelous solutions, yet eFoods Global was the first solution that made brilliant sense for her family’s dinner table and pocketbook. “The peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is well fed is priceless to mothers like me who also have to help support their families financially,” Stilson commented. “eFoods Global offers a way to help moms share healthy meals and secure their families’ personal freedom in the current and coming economic climate. Now I can focus on feeding and funding my family from the kitchen. I love the eFoods mission.”   


Kim hosting Health Wealth & Everything Else Show!

Stilson is the host of the Health, Wealth & Everything Else! global talk show and is the author of eMedia for Your Business: 5-Step Training Series. With the eFoods Global opportunity, Stilson started the Power Mom Food Fund, a foundational group for moms whose goal is to feed and fund their families from their homes.

To learn more about Kim Power Stilson, visit


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