So today has started off very very cold in my house. Someone, I am not sure who, messed with the thermostat and the furnace didn't kick on all night so it was 62 degrees in my house this morning. Which is FREEZING!! Glad I figured it out, so now the furnace is running and I am under a blanket with the fire on until it gets up to 68. I think I need some gloves.

I have been visiting a lot of other blogs and I have found a few that do a weekly workout roundup. I liked the idea, rather than telling you everyday what I did for my workouts, I will save it for Friday's. It will give you something fun to look forward to at the end of the week!

I will also be linking my blog toJill Conyers and Sneakers and Fingerprints blogs for others to see. I think it will be fun and allow me to see other workouts that people are doing.
I went back and forth but I am not going to give complete details of my Best Body Bootcamp workouts. For this simple reason, I have paid to be a member of the bootcamp and it is a fantastic program, however, it is not right of me to give out the program for free, just like I can't go to a gym or take classes at a gym for free. Best Body Bootcamp is my gym and I encourage you all to join in the fun, the next sign up starts March 4th with the bootcamp starting on April 1. I just don't feel right about detail the specific exercises and workouts, I will just explain in general what each one entailed.


So here we go:

My Week of Workouts

Saturday- 9 mile training run in 1 hour and 25 minutes followed by a 3 minute plank
Sunday- Rest Day
Monday- Best Body Bootcamp cardio and strength superset which is a strength move followed by a cardio burst. For example, I did 10 crossover pushes (10 on right and 10 on left) followed by 20 seconds of high knees. There were 5 different exercises and I completed 4 rounds. I also did a 3 minute plank and played in my soccer league at night.
Tuesday- 6 mile training run in 55 minutes followed by a 3 minute plank
Wednesday- Best Body Bootcamp cardio and strength superset. They were different exercises then Monday. I did 4 rounds and then completed a 3 mile training run in 27 minutes. Lastly, I did a 3 minute plank.
Thursday-4 mile training run in 37 minutes followed by a 3 minute plank. I also, last minute, tried a Yoga for Runners class at a local running store, Running Fit. I have never liked yoga and I have tried it numerous times. I have, however, changed my mind, this class was great. It stretched my muscles and my hips, I felt loose after and very relaxed. I will definitely be going back!
Friday-Best Body Bootcamp double ladder. A double ladder is 2 exercises in this case it is a strength exercise and a cardio power exercise, in this case burpees. It means I started with 10 reps of the strength exercise followed by 2 burpees, then 8 reps of the strength exercise followed by 4 burpees. You continue until you reach 2 of the strength exercise and 10 of the cardio burst. Now the directions said 3 sets, however, I miss read them and completed 4. So 2 different double ladders, 4 times each, which gives me a total of 240 burpees completed before 7 am. It felt awesome but next week I may just do 3.

So that is my week of workouts. Hope you enjoyed reading about them.

One, fun thing. Not healthy, not clean eating but it was a fun cooking project with my boys and at least I know what is in them. I am completely ok with their unhealthiness, because all things in moderation.
We made homemade Oreos. They were DELICIOUS!! My oldest son took one bite and said, "These are so awesome!!" It was fun spending time in the kitchen cooking together and then enjoying our product.

Homemade Oreos

Question of the day:

When life begins to....

When life begins to swallow me up and I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I first do my best to walk away from the stress. Then I do one of two things.

Option one, go for a run. To me a run clears my mind and helps me release stress. Sometimes I even find a solution to what is troubling me in the middle of a good run. I have discovered that this is my way to find my center again in times of emotion, stress or chaos. It just makes me feel good.

Option two, spend time with my boys. They put life in perspective for me and help me remember what is most important in life. Not the stress or the to do list but family and making memories. I love hearing them laugh and joke around and I fell at peace when I am with them.

What do you do when life begins too...

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