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Five Delicious Ways with Asparagus

I adore British asparagus - in particular the asparagus grown at Formby. Sweet, tender and delicious. 

Asparagus has grown wild in the sandy dunes and soil of Formby for hundreds of years it once used to be loaded onto ocean liners at Liverpool - sadly only a few asparagus growers remain in the area and with the asparagus season so short, being merely five or six weeks. Traditionally folklore says you must stop cutting asparagus on Midsummers Day or it won’t grow again the following year. So hurry! You need to make the most of it whilst you can. 

I like to keep things simple when cooking with asparagus, I like the slender stems and I really like to champion it’s flavour - here’s my five favourite ways with asparagus. 

to read the full post head over to Daisies & Pie

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