"Five Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Bath"

In a look in to the life of a woman's day to day activities juggling between the loads of work and family. A mother, co-worker and wife may find little to no time on her hands for TLC for herself. As a woman myself, I can relate and just about half my reader's can associate with this way of life. However, even in today's world you can always make some time, I usually wait till I have tucked my four year-old into her Dora bed and my husband is sound a sleep. 


I then focus on creating a perfect bath after several months of practice I have mastered the art of preparing the quite perfect environment, no kids, no sounds, no distractionsYou may stop and think how is a bath going to relax me. I can a test to the factor that Water and or Hydro-Therapy which is the proper terminology predates back to the Greek era used to relax and promote overall good health. The deep muscle relaxation associated with immersing the body in to a good hot bath can help reduce minor cramps, tension headaches, improves muscle flexibility and restores energy levels.             

1. Your first step in creating the perfect bath is by selecting your favorite essential oil and properly diluting this oil with either a bubble bath or shampoo in order to produce the bubble effect. Here is a list of some of the best oils suited for a relaxing bath, keeping in mind to follow instructions in order to mix the oil properly into water:


Essential Oils: (Add 5-7 drops or 1oz into Bath Water)

Rose Oil

Jasmine Oil

Chamomile Oil 

Lavender Oil


2. Your second step is to prepare the bath water temperature to the right level that you feel comfortable whether it be hot or warm. You must focus on the degree of overload your body is experiencing and how much detox you feel necessary in order to relax and enjoy your bath. 

3. Your third step is the most significant and probably the one you spend the most time in... preparing your bath environment. This is one of my most favorite moments in the process of creating the perfect the perfect bath for me.


Bath Goodies:

Spa Pillow

Candles (lighting)

Soft sponge

Bath Robe or towel 


4. Your fourth step is preparing the right music and adjusting the level of sound in order to produce a soothing melody in order to relax the mind and body. 

5. Your fifth step is applying a good leave on facial scrub or mask, which you can apply easily before entering the bath in order to treat your face as well your body.  


...And finally you have created the "Perfect Bath", now your goal is to relax and indulge in the experience.  


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