How To Keep Your Home Allergy-Free

Nobody likes suffering from allergies. For parents, it is especially hard watching your kids battle runny noses, watery eyes, frequent sneezing, and other symptoms. Help your children overcome their allergies with clean air to breathe and a healthy diet. 

Keep Air Clean

This infographic shows ways to rid…

How-To Check Your Home Maintenance

Home maintenance tasks are few people’s idea of a good time, but tending to them at the appropriate times is vital to making sure your home stands for as long as possible. Here is a brief list of some of the maintenance tasks you need to get in the habit of doing now – before it is too late.

Damage Checks…




Five Ways to Make the Backyard Fun for Spring and Summer

For many mothers, spring and summer mean extra hours in the day to make sure the kids are happy, healthy, and entertained. When vacations are not in the budget, it also means creating a camp and stay-cation situation at home. Consider five ways to make the backyard more fun for everyone this spring and summer.

Backyard Sports

From adding a basketball court to putting up a volleyball or badminton net, there are plenty of ways to add backyard sports to the day. These toys can keep kids entertained for hours. Plus, they give parents an opportunity to exercise while spending time with the children after a long day. No matter what your budget, add some sports gear to the yard for endless hours of fun.

Swimming Pool

Everyone tends to gather at the house with a swimming pool. While children need to be watched carefully, a pool is a center for entertainment. Having pool parties with friends and family creates memories that last forever. Make sure to put up a locked fence so kids can't get into the pool area without permission. Clean the pool regularly to ensure everyone stays healthy when they swim. Include floats, beach balls, and other toys to make the pool more enjoyable.

Just Add Water

When the weather gets hot, kids love to get wet and cool off. Add other water features to your yard. This may include a water slide or an old-fashioned sprinkler game. These are ideas that fit into almost any budget and keep the kids cools without sitting inside in the air conditioning all day. 

Outdoor Entertainment Area

While an outdoor kitchen is more for parents than kids, they whole family reaps the benefits of dining al fresco. Barbecues are a quick, easy way to get dinner ready for a hungry family who played in the yard all day. Plus, you won't have to clean up the kitchen and dining room when you are done.

Fire Pit

Much like a swimming pool, it is a major responsibility to have a fire pit when you have children. You have to teach them about fire safety and keep them away from the hot flames.But it is also a place to gather after dark, tell ghost stories, and toast marshmallows. Remember to make s'mores together as you dry off after an evening dip in the pool

Creating an inviting outdoor living space encourages kids to appreciate the great outdoors and keeps them joyful throughout the spring and summer.

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