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After reading an article yesterday about how often you should bathe your child, I started to think about our own bath time routine. Joshua is 18 months old now and since he was a few weeks old we have given him a bath every night, without fail. In fact the only time he's missed his night time bath is on the odd occassion when we've had no hot water (thanks to a crumby boiler!).

Bath time is important not just for the obvious cleanliness reasons but for Joshua it's a change of scencery and a new, otherwise un-played with set of special toys which he only has for the bath. It's also an important part of his bedtime routine, there is nothing like a nice warm bath to prepare you for sleepies!

With it being quite important for us, I really try hard to keep bath time fun and interesting because I don't want him to get bored of it, and I always want it to be a part of his routine he looks forward to. Although I'm sure when he's older we may experience the odd tantrum over it, just because! So that said I like him to have different toys for the bath, things that he can't play with at any other time. I have found problems with this though. You may be the same as me and notice that the range of bath toys is quite poor. I find the toys are either all the same sort of things, and so the variation is really restricting. When on the odd occassion I do find something that looks innovative and good fun, it's usually accompanied by a hefty price tag so it rules it out on that basis. I've found problems with putting normal toys in the bath too. We tend to leave them in the bath which generally ruins them. If a toy isn't designed to be constantly in water you find it quickly looses colour, shape and whatever toy capability it had to start with. So they are out too! So it's actually harder than you think to find decent bath toys!

Thats why when we saw the Flexibath Bath Toys I knew they would be a perfect addition to our bath time routine. The toy itself comes with a really clever little table style shelf that sticks to the side of the bath with suction cups and gives your child somewhere extra to play with their bath toys. You also get a great assortment of tubs and pots to display on the shelf and these are great for filling with water and pouring out etc-Joshua loves doing this! We also like to play 'tea time' with these bits and pieces and pour tea for mummy and Joshi to 'drink' aka pour away!

A great thing about this toy is that it's made froma  really soft, easy to clean material, and it feels very good quality. A Real Cool World are the manufacturer of this and the toy itself is extra special too because it's specially made to be free from all harmful amterials including BPA which is something that makes me feel even better about this product. I know it's environmentally friendly and also very safe for Joshua to play with regularly. And that's something you can't put a price on. Ok, well you can, and it's £13.95 from the brilliant Whitestep website, but I think that price is excellent all things considered!

Daddy recently went on a mad cleaning spree while I was away. I shouldn't complain because I know lots of men are allergic to housework. Luckily mine isn't, in fact he's the opposite and very occassionally he has these mad cleaning days. The only problem is that he gets trigger happy with throwing things away and this time Joshua's bath toys took the brunt. Rather than cleaning them he decided they all needed throwing away (which they didn't!) so when we came back from Nana & Grandad's Joshua had no bath toys left! Not one! He looked at me all sadly when I sat him in the toyless bath! Bad Daddy. So these toys really were a great and much needed addition for us!

When I do want to give these a quick clean (and not throw them away DADDY) I just run them through the dishwasher as normal and voila, all clean and ready to play again! I can't rate these highly enough. They are a lovely take on something a little different for the bath, they are clean, environmentally friendly, fun, bright and importantly cost effective. So I think if you value your little one's bath time as much as I do then head over to the Whitestep website and grab one for yourself! While you are over there you may find you spend more than intended as they have an excellent range of really innovative, creative toys for everyday play as well as bath time!

Love Chloe xx

**We were sent a Flexibath Bath Toy by A Real Cool World for the purpose of the review, but all views and opinions are genuine and my own**

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