Football - you either hate it or you hate it!

This, at least, is how I felt about five hours ago when my husband left for 'hours' to go to bloody football and leave me all alone, bored, at home, nothing to do. Sounds like I'm an invalid doesn't it or perhaps a small child incapable of amusing yourself and you'd be right if you were thinking the latter because I am almost as bad at entertaining myself as a small child is. Can't be left alone. get bored quickly. Not grown up enough to enjoy my own company or grown up enough to make the decision to go out and enjoy the company of others. No! I prefer to get annoyed, moan and shout ' you are always going to football and leaving me here on my own with nothing to do. I'm here all week doing nothing and now I'm stuck here again,' is something along the lines of how it goes. I'm somewhat of an exaggerator too because my husband works from home so I'm rarely alone, it's just that weekend days are times than I son't feel guilty getting him to go out and do something other than work. Gone are the weekends where, hungover, I'd be happy, no grateful,  to lie in bed all day watching the latest HBO series on my laptop, episode after episode! Anyway, I bloody well dragged myself out to the place where every grown-up goes to pass the time; to my mummy's! Along the way I even popped into see my Booba (grandma) to drop her in the leftovers of the plum tarte tatin whose pan had cruelly burnt my husband's hand (believe me when he picked it up just after I'd brought it out of the oven I felt the pain too. It was horribly upsetting-3 hours in A&E, a superficial wound-dressing later and we were are all ok again).

So, I no longer hate football that much, Mr Pregnantcitygirl will be home soon and I haven't even had time to relax yet and all is well again. I grew up and went out! So, I wont make this a long, drawn-out post as Desperate Housewives beckons but I did want to mention 2 things;

1) If, like me,  you are pregnant and you are looking for nice, effective and natural beauty products then look no further. I have never been a fan of 'natural' or put another way, I had never found anything natural that was effective and generally my reasoning was that it needed the latest chemical discoveries to really do the job so when I fell pregnant I was at a bit of a loss as to what to use. Anyway, the nice people at Lavera make a huge range of products, including cosmetics all paraben, petrochemical, preservative free with no synthetic colours or aromas and no testing on animals. basically, the saints of the skincare world. The range is huge including men's and baby products, make-up, suncare, bath products, hair products, sensitive ranges aswell as anti-aging so take a look for yourself  at  . Their Basis Sensitiv All-Round Cream is wonderful. It's goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly and easily leaving no greasy residue which is a plus if you want to use it on large expanses of skin on the body (baby bump!). The consistency is also good, light but not too light and its smells divine but naturally (must be the organic almond)! It also contains shea butter which apparently provides natural UV protection, never something to turn down in this careful day and age.  Anyway, this large tub of naturalness is now sitting on my side-table within arms reach at the ready for any moisturizing needs!


2) This is a quickie. Just posting 2 pics of dresses (read 'tents') that are coming to Goodwood with me next week where, by the way, I will be celebrating my 39th Birthday (I know, I don't look it t all!!)

I know, I'm meant to dress in either 40's, 50's or 60's but what's 10 years amongst friends?!

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