Four Day Date Ideas for Your Next Date

Evenings naturally set the theme for romance. With music, candlelight and fine dining, but day dates tell more about who you are, as activities can range from a picnic on the lawn to mountain climbing and scuba diving.  

  1. Get Away from it All

Set the pace for your day date by choosing a natural setting with a spectacular view, such as an ocean or lakefront, or high in the mountains.  Rent a cottage or cabin that will give you plenty of privacy but is close enough to the attractions of the area to enjoy them without putting out much effort.  

Give your date time to unwind and relax with a little sun bathing or a swim, or maybe a nature walk through a wooded area bursting with wildlife.  

  1. Breakfast in Bed

There’s no better way to get started on your day date than by serving breakfast in bed.  Great Cabins in the Smokies has fully equipped cabins in private, romantic settings, with the mountains towering in the distance and the rustic town of Gatlinburg close by.  

A spokesperson for the company says, “It’s the ideal location for beginning your day date as the smell of fresh made coffee penetrates the morning mist, and sizzling eggs and pancakes are sliding around the grill.”

It won’t be long before the two of you will just be sitting comfortably on the back porch, watching the fog roll away from the mountains and eagerly planning your day.  

  1. Take a Trip to Dollywood

Always add a little spice to your day date.  Contemplating the beauty of nature is very relaxing, but it’s also energizing.  

Turn a complacent day into a spectacular one by visiting Dollywood in Pigeon Forge.  This exciting theme park has been rated one of the world’s best, with breath-taking rides, award winning live shows, fabulous restaurants serving the best in Southern cuisine, seasonal festivals and much more.  Dollywood has music, everything from rock & roll, old time rhythm and blues, bluegrass, country and Southern gospel music.  Close to Gatlinburg, it’s an easy ride by bus or car.  

  1. Add One Mega-Thrill for the Time of Your Life

Mountainous areas are so vast, it’s very difficult to gain a complete appreciation for their majesty without an aerial view or a fast track through some of its rolling landscape.  Nothing quite spells out romance more than hopping aboard the Gatlinburg Sky Lift or Aerial Tramway and gazing at the tumbling hillside far below.  But if your heart thumps with the spirit of adventure, notch it up a bit more.  Try the Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge zipline.  Your feet won’t leave the ground for two and a half hours!  

Or you can try the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster. A spokesperson for the company explains the drama of the attraction. “It’s similar to a roller coaster with a twist. This ride allows you to set your own pace as you roll down the mountain on a track.”  

One of the most unique attractions you could possibly find, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is open year round, and both night and day for the ultimate experience in coaster riding.  

A day date reflects who you are apart from your work schedule and evening hours.  It shows how well you manage your winding down time.  By arranging day dates that allow for a wide range of experiences, you create shared common grounds in the things you discover you love doing best together. 

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