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When he hears me sweeping the floor he comes crawling as fast as little hands and knees will bring him.  I think in his brain he's going "FOOOOOD!!!"

I swear, this kid will stick anything in his mouth.  I seriously caught him the other day stuffing an earthworm in his mouth.  I am not squeamish by nature, but I do draw the line at earthworms and bugs.

It sort of puzzles me how I can offer my 1 year-old good food and watch him throw it on the floor (okay - about 1/3 of it ends up in his mouth) and yet, after he's supposedly done, and I am sweeping the floor he suddenly wants to have a big "floor feast".  Bits of food mixed with dirt and dust, hair and dead flies (can you say, living in the country?)...

And the other day the thought came to me, isn't that the way we are so often?  God offers us fresh food everyday through His Word; fresh experiences with Him, fresh testimonies to share with others, fresh revelations, new answers to prayer

and yet we are content to feed on the stale crumbs of what has already happened (<-- Tweet This)

We share testimonies of what God did for us years ago

We share stories about others' experiences with God

We feast of the tales of saints who have gone on before -- long before.

Sure - there is nothing wrong with that.

But have you had any fresh food lately?  (<--Tweet This)

Do you have a new story to tell?

A fresh revelation of Jesus Christ?

What has God given you today?

Because I am sure it puzzles Him to watch His kids scrambling around on the floor picking up old bits of crumbs from yesterday and last year when we have a fresh feast waiting for us today! (<--Tweet This)


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