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More casual sexImage by nerosunero via Flickr
This day and age it's all about get all the benefits of a relationships without actually being in a relationship. Booty Call has been toss to the side we now have "Friends with Benefits" which is supposedly a step up. So what does it mean really? Let me break it down.
*Two friends who have a sexual realtionship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogomous relationship or any kind of commitment*

To some it's like music to their ears you know have your cake and eat it two. I'm no fan of that practice. I'm a want it all type of woman if we're together than we're together I'm not into half-stepping when it comes to relationships. But for some they wouldnt have it any other way. With Social Media being the key to everything nowadays finding a casual partner for sex or date is right at your fingertips. I have been asked this question before by a male "associate" and of course I declined. I was selling myself short in my early 20's and now is not a option. "I'm a Grown Woman"

Sex Will Change the Nature of Your Friendship

Adding sex to any relationship – casual or not – changes it. So if you’re having intercourse with a friend it irrevocably changes the way that relationship will proceed. It’s possible that the two of you will remain friends, but you’ll never be as close as you were before you crossed the physical line. Besides that, it may take several years before you are truly able to think of your friend in the platonic way you did before you slept with him or her

“Friends With Benefits” Isn’t a Test to See if You Could Be in a Relationship

Some singles believe that if they casually have sex with their friend, the possibility exists that they might fall in love or at the very least start up a relationship. This is false. If you want to date someone you once thought of as a friend, fine. But by jumping in the sack when you’re both lonely, you’re admitting your friend isn’t really good enough for you and the only reason you’re with him or her is out of boredom, loneliness, or laziness

Believe You Will Meet the Right Person

Often a “friends with benefits” situation begins because singles simply get tired of waiting for the right person to come along. This is especially true if you have been single for a while, or if the rest of your social group is married. It can be difficult to have patience and trust that there is someone special out there for you.

There can be some complications to having a friend with benefits. There is a big possibility that one of you will start to have more serious romantic feelings. If this happens, it is important to talk about it.

Another potential complication is the crossing of boundaries. It is important to think about how you will respond if the other person starts calling at lunchtime or wants to meet your friends and family

The biggest implication of casual sex in any form is how it changes your view of sex. It's similar to excessive porn. It desensitizes you.
I read a lot about serial killers (yeah, I'm damaged): the killing gets easier with each instance. Of course, sex is not like murder, but does casual sex get easier and easier with each instance?
Growing up, sex was a big deal, an experience, something to be taken seriously. Too much casual sex might minimize the impact.

In conclusion: sex with friends can be good, as long as you're both mature, honest, drunk ... and incapable of normal human emotion. How does that sound?

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