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Full Circle Home - Eco Style Function

In honor of Earth Day (tomorrow!) we thought that we would highlight a green company that – to us – exemplifies what an environmentally-friendly consumer product manufacturing company should be.

That would be Full Circle, a company that produces green lifestyle tools that are stylishly designed, functional and made from sustainable, recycled and renewable resources (bamboo, cellulose, organic cotton….). Full Circle lives up to its name, operating under the premise that a product’s lifecycle should be cyclical: “products make from materials that come from the earth can have long, functional lives, and then return from where they come, rather than collection in a landfill.”

To that point, Full Circle estimates, as an example, that there are about 120 million scrub brushes – made of non-degradable plastic materials – that end up in our landfills every year. Yes, that’s just for scrub brushes. Now, let’s scale that to the rest of our everyday cleaning tools and we quickly see that cumulatively, we can start helping our environment by making these little imperceptible switches in our household lifestyle. Yes, let’s replace our everyday mass-manufactured cleaning supplies and tools with something more eco-conscious. It’s so easy and inexpensive and in the end will have great cumulative impact.

Here are some of the Full Circle items that we have particularly fallen for…

Come Clean Natural Cleaning Set – The eco-friendly kit includes everything you need to make your own NATURAL cleaning solutions so that you can eliminate toxic chemicals from your cleaning routine. The guide book includes recipes to create cleaning products based on kitchen ingredients, to clean every area of your home, even your car. The spray bottles incorporate a lemon juicer, lemon juice being a magnificent provider of fresh scent and disinfecting cleaning power. Available on and Amazon.
Fresh Air Odor-Free Compost Collector – Why fill our landfills with “wet garbage” (food scraps & yard trimmings) when we could actually be easily transforming this trash to our own benefit: the best and most natural fertilizer for own gardens and yards. That’s a literal “return to the earth”. The countertop Fresh Air Compost Collector, as the name implies, is not an actual composter (you have to do that outdoors), but provides an easy, convenient way to collect compost-worthy scraps. The Fresh Air’s compost collector’s unique design prevents the build-up of liquids and hence the creates less mess, less odor and no flies. We have not found it on sale anywhere, but encourage you to contact the company to motivate them let us all know when & where this will become available.
Reach Bottle Brush – We know that using a reusable water bottle is one of the easiest ways for us to behave a little more eco-responsibly. But washing some of those bottles is a pain. Unless you get this super smart brush which reaches deep inside the bottle and will clean both the inside and the outside of the bottle at the same time. A great tool to help us maintain the reusable water bottle habit. Available on or Amazon.

The Full Circle products are available for sale online through one of favorite online retailers, and through the other retail stores listed on this page.

Be green AND clean on Earth Day! Woot!

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