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So I'm definitely gonna try to update this A LOT more than I have. 

Last night was my MOPS potluck.  Only about 10 of us showed up, but it was ok.  Nice for me to get to know some of the girls that I don't usually talk to.  I hope to get more involved as my time in the group continues.  I just started in November, it's great to have a little time with people outside the family.  And for Zachary to have a safe place to play with other kids.  He really enjoys it.

Also, I've been reading more.  More about mommy/baby stuff, and more devotions.  And knitting.  I can't really knit.  Not that coordinated, or patient.  But I bought myself a set of looms and some yarn and went to it.  I've made 3 hats and a scarf.  Then I decided, "hey, why not give back?"  Now I've started making baby blankets.  My goal is to make baby blankets and little matching hats to donate to the pregnancy center in our town.  I used to be SO involved in my community and church community.  Since getting pregnant, leaving the place I lived for 10 years, and having my son I just don't feel very active anymore.  I don't have many friends (thus, I joined MOPS) and I don't have a church home here.  When I moved here, things were so bad that I had to use every benefit available... WIC, pregnancy center, etc.  I'm still getting some benefits, hopefully in the next 6 months I will be off it all.  A big personal goal for me.  But either way, I'm getting back on my feet so I am definitely wanting to pass it on.  Thus, the blankets for the pregnancy center.

I'm really working on being a better mom.  Patience is a huge problem I have.  I had always thought I was a very patient person.  Until I had my son.  Now it's zip.  Just like with the knitting ;)  I love him and I want him to feel loved.  He deserves it.  He's done nothing wrong.  And for him to essentially not have his father, he needs mommy.  And I want to give him all I have.  Including patience.

Today, I have to say, was a good day for us, though.  I practiced my patience and it went very well.  It's also a lot easier when he's an amazing angel!  This morning we had to get up earlier than usual (note: I'm lucky enough that I don't have to get up at 4:30am everyday like other mothers I know).  But I had to wake up my poor baby an hour early so we could drive an hour to an allergy specialist.  He was so sweet when he woke up and was great for the car ride.  They did like 6 sticks on him.  Again, poor baby!  He was fine until the last 2.  He just looked at me and cried so hard like he lost his best friend and someone had kicked him.  Of course, nothing a lollipop couldn't fix!  He always gets over that stuff so quick, if it bothers him at all.  I think his pain tolerance is extremely high, like his mama!  Anway, he fell asleep on the way back to town and we went to IHOP for breakfast.  He ate a lot better than he has been recently.  We went home after that as it was just soo cold out.  As soon as we pulled in there were snow flurries!  Didn't last more than 20 minutes.  Anway, I laid in the floor and let Zack crawl all over me for a good hour.  I put him in bed but he didn't want another nap.  So he was up and he played and listened so well.  Also had a great dinner he didn't eat it all, but still ate more than usual.  At about 7 he decided he could go get in bed.  We read stories and he just wanted to cuddle with his mommy.  Love it!  He didn't cry when I shut the door and I think he was out by 7:45.  I'm so grateful for these nights.  And I'm so glad I finally got a good schedule going with him.  Not quite used to getting up so early, but that's why I bought my ultimate fav Starbucks Frappucinos!!!

All in all, things are looking pretty good lately.  I know if I keep focused I can make it!

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