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Getting my hands dirty again felt real good!

For those that have been in the proximity of my life and circus for the past few years, you will understand what I mean when I say how exhilarated I felt this afternoon after planting silly little flowers, bushes and trees without worrying what anyone thought or said. Without rehashing it all and pointing fingers, let me just say how nice it was to be able to do what we used to enjoy before my daughter got so sick and we had to give up spending even small amounts of money and time on things around the house. This is the dawn of a new day for us though and we are enjoying every bit of it!

Here is a quick break for my heartfelt advice:

For those going through a dark time right now, can I suggest you do as I say and not as I did? I truly recomend you get out and plant something, anything. Get a container if you don’t have the yard available or can’t get to it right now in whatever state you are in. Plant a flower, a vegetable, a bush. Something that will grow and something you can claim. I do so wish I had this advice 5 years ago. I did quite a bit of gardening back when I lost my first husband (rose bushes were my drog of choice then) and I had forgotten how great it made my heart feel.

Now back to where I was:

Last week my husband got started on the “Great Wall” project and filled our driveway with stone and dirt. The mulch has yet to be delivered, but he did a great job of making something out of absolutely nothing. Our yard, both front and back, are … ummmm…. kind of … let’s call it a half acre size Blank Slate! That means Barren! Nothing! Nada! This is not what we were accustomed to ever before but life was different before and though we still can’t afford most of what we are doing, we add it to our bills and enjoy what we have today. What else is there?

So, the stone wall is complete, the dirt has been wheel-barrowed into place and the planting has begun!

I had forgotten how therapeutic it can be to dig a hole and place a plant, then fill hole back up with dirt. I wish I had remembered or had the opportunity while Julia was going through years of treatment. It is truly cathartic and so good for the soul.

Now that I have rediscovered my passion, I hope to become more of a regular out in the gardens and get some things going and growing in our yard. Notice I said I had a passion … not talent! So this should be interesting to say the least! I make no promises of the outcome, but I will post pictures regardless … whether for your enjoyment or your laughter!

As I am thinking about all the things that went undone since we moved here and how much I want to do out there, I am surprised by what we do have in our yard! I just realized, one of the most important plants that managed to get planted during this time, is the daisy plant that Julia gave me for Mother’s Day, 2008. She was on a vent in the PICU when I received it from her teacher. It was a seedling she had planted in a paper cup. It was tattered and beaten from being in her brother’s backpack for the trip home and we had little hope it would survive.

Yesterday I noticed it is coming back again this year and it is at least a foot in diameter now. It has survived and flourished, just as she has.

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