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50th Birthday Gifts for Women

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Travel Safely in Style

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This is the time of year when celebrations should all be about family. Getting together and enjoying each others company.

In searching out the best gift picks to give to a family as a whole, we were looking for ideas that would celebrate the family unit, its values or that would encourage family members to come together to have fun…together.

Here then are some of our favorite gift ideas for the entire family. Enjoy!

iPad Game Changer – This is a game board for an iPad, that brings interactive animation and sound to a traditional board game making it fun for the entire family. The iPad becomes the the central control to the electronic game board that easily attaches to the iPad, which then tracks all moves and guides everyone until the game ends and someone wins. Buy on Amazon, but also available at the Apple Stores, Toys R Us and Target. $79.00
  Family Charades – Bring an old classic back for the holidays. Great family game for the whole family. Choose from Picture, Kids, Family, Hollywood, Animal Party and Time Capsule categories. Be prepared for high energy play. Buy directly from UncommonGoods. $26.00
  Hometown Satellite PuzzleIf your family enjoys puzzles this is a cute and educational gift. Using your postal address, a custom-made puzzle made from an authentic, full color, high resolution satellite image. Buy from L.L. Bean. $49.95
  Telestrations – Do you remember the telephone game where one person whispers a sentence into a person’s ear who passes it onto the next until it goes around the room to the last person who says out loud what the first person may have said, which is, of course, totally different then the original sentence? This version is the same but you draw it out.  Laugh-out-loud fun! Great for the whole family. Buy on Amazon for about $25.00.
  Snow Launchers – What is more fun then a friendly snow ball fight? This little tool takes it to the next level. These Launchers can shoot snowballs up to 60 feet away. Choose from either the Snowball Blaster or Snowball Slingshot from HammacherSchlemmer. $29.95 – $39.95
Fishscape Fish Bowl – Does the family want a pet and you are just not that into it?  This hand blown fish bowl is a beautiful work of art. In fact, it does not even need a fish (although the kids may be disappointed if you don’t actually add one in!). Definitely a win-win for everyone. Buy here. $140.00
EggSprouts – These adorable porcelain wheat grass planters are fun for young families. The wheat grass grows fast, so it keeps young gardeners interested. Plus, it adds a bit of flair to a room. And, since wheat grass is nutritional, it gives little finger the opportunity to take blades of grass off to eat! Buy from EcoElements. $25.00
  Yonanas Maker – We mentioned this wonderful little machine before. It turns frozen fruit into a dessert that looks, tastes and feels like soft serve ice cream. There is nothing else to add but the fruit, nuts and/or chocolate. Healthy treats for the whole family. Buy directly on Yonanas or Amazon. $49.99
  Bamboo Wall Art – We are huge supporters of companies that use eco-friendly resources and that also help the environment. Choose from a line of Wall Art or add your own family photos to display in any room. Buy from PaperCulture. From $39.99 – $199.99
  Instagram Photos on Canvas – I don’t know about you, but with Instagram’s (an iPhone app) filter effects I feel some of my photos are worthy of being hung in a gallery. Now you can create your own gallery quality work of art in a snap. CanvasPop can take any Instagram photo and print it on canvas. Great to feature those precious family moments or favorite hangout locations. They are offering an introductory discount starting at $29.95.
  Manifesto Poster – What message is important to you and your family? This poster pretty well hits them all. Perfect for any room where the family congregates as a reminder what is important in life. Love this! Buy from Holstee. $25.00 (use code ‘new friend’ and receive 20% off)

Need further inspiration? Check out our Gift Guide for Her, for Tweens and Teens, and for The L’il Ones. And, of course, all of last year’s Gift Guides.

Next is the Gift Guide for Teachers. We can’t forget them now can we!

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