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My husband never writes a list for Christmas, or hints about gifts that he would like. Every year, I encourage him to please tell me what he would like and, every year, he says that I always know the right thing to give him (except the one year I gave him a vacuum – if you know my husband it really was the perfect gift, although he did not think so). What he does not realize is that it really would be a whole lot easier if he would help – just a little. If your significant other is anything like my husband then this list may offer some inspiration. And, of course, these gift ideas are good for lots of the other guys in your life too.

  Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug – Retro-style heated mug for the man on the go. Plugs into the car’s 12 volt port and keeps the contents nice and hot. The analog gauge, glossy exterior will make it a hot topic around the office. Buy from ThinkGeek. $24.99
Portable Espresso Maker – For the coffee addict who is always on the go! The Mypressi Twist makes the perfect cup every time with no external power source. Simply add coffee, pour in the hot water and pull trigger. Voila! Buy from Ahalife. $169.00
CorkcicleThis ingenious cork, with a long BPA-free plastic icicle filled with non-toxic freeze gel inside, instantly cools wine to the perfect drinking temperature. Great hostess gift also. Buy from Tweak99. $24.99
  Money Clip – Sterling silver money clip designed by Monica Rich Kosann features a round frame that can hold an photo. A beautiful personalized gift. Buy from PicketFence. $270.00
POPA Photo Button for iPhone – My husband takes the worst pictures with his iPhone. I blame his man hands. This attachment has a huge red button for taking photos with ease. The real leather grip makes for a steadier hand. Plus, it also comes with a leather wrist strap and carrying pouch. Buy from EverythingBeep. $67.00
  Beard Hat – Yes, a beanie hat with a detachable and adjustable beard. Ideal for cold climates and winter sports. And for the guy with a sense of humor. And the man that has always wanted to sport a beard but knows his wife will refuse to kiss him. Available in all hair colors! Buy directly from Beardo. $39.99
  The Many Varieties of Beer Print – Who knew that there were so many types of beer! I personally found it fascinating to see the connection of each variety. Perfect for a man cave. Buy from Pop Chart Lab. $25.00
  Zikmu Parrot Wireless Stereo Speakers – It’s the sleek, ultra modern design and the advanced technology that makes this the ultimate wireless speaker. It is compatible with iPhones and iPods, but whatever the source, the speakers, with their ground breaking NXT technology, will bring out the best in your music and the sound will adapt to any position or sound room. Buy directly from Parrot. $1500.00
Jack Franklin Ties – Giving ties seem so cliché, but not when he knows quality. And with these prices (from $22.00 – $34.00 instead of $79.00 – $145.00) you can afford to splurge for more than one. Made from the finest silk and wool interlining, Jack Franklin ties will give him a bold statement in the world of dark suits and dress shirts (but they also look great with jeans and a sport jacket). New customers save 30% more using the code TSW2093. Buy from WearJack.
  DOPP Kit – Stylish toilette case for the traveler. Water and stain resistant lining with two separate compartments for wet/dry storage. Buy directly on BODHI. $218.00
  Authentic Sport Jersey Lined Leather Wallet – For the serious sports fan, these wallets are made with authentic uniforms from professional sports team. Comes is beautiful keepsake box and certificate of authenticity. Buy from Cufflinks. $140.00
Rechargeable USB Card Speaker – This rechargeable speaker is the size of a credit card and very lightweight but do not let that fool you. It will give quality sound for up to 5 hours of use per charge. Available in Matte Gold, Shiny Black and Stainless. Makes for a fantastic gift! Buy here. $74.00
  Portable Turntable – If your man still likes to revisit his old record album collection then this is the gift for him. Not only does this turntable play the almost out of date vinyls but it can also take those albums and turn them digital. Plus, it has a wireless transmitter, USB hookup, headphone jack and full range speakers. Buy directly from Crosley Radio. $149.00
  Cloud 9- Still not sure what to get him? Cloud 9 offers a myriad of different experiences that anyone would love to receive. Why not give him a weekend away or have him be treated like a VIP at either a day of adventure or of relaxation. And, the nice part is that you can be part of the gift (or not). Go to Cloud9Living and check out what is available in your area. You may see something that you would like on your Christmas list also.
  A Real Man’s Cookbook – Included are recipes that add bacon to brownies and beer into, well, just about everything. This will get him beyond the BBQ and into the kitchen. Buy on Amazon. $10.00
  The Smoking Gun – A hand held food smoker that uses natural smoke. Create classic flavors for shell fish, butter and even chocolate. Comes with two jars of Hickory and Applewood Smoking Sawdust. Buy from PolyScience. $99.00

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We are not done yet! Next is the oh-so-very-important Gift Guide that Gives Back. That one is not to be missed!

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