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Keeping a neat, tidy, and beautiful home can be a challenge when you have kids, but it can be done. You just have to be smart about how you decorate.

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Last year we did a Pet Gift Guide – Because We Love Them and we still do love our pets! But just because you have pets does not mean that your home has to go to the dogs. We have chosen (among other things) some great gift products that your (four legged) loving companion will love and that might also just add a great statement to your home. Plus, some fun games to play with little Fifi or Fluffy. We should really rename this gift guide the Gift Guide for Pet Owners. Enjoy!

  What Dogs Dream Bed – Designed not only to be comfy for your pet but also to complement your home. To see their whole line of beddings visit P.L.A.Y. $95.00
Puppy Tweets – Ever wonder what your pet is doing while you are away? Now you can follow your dog’s twitter feed on your smart phone all day. The electronic dog tag has sound and motion sensors and sends messages to your home computer which in turn tweets. Okay this really is more of a gift for a dog owner! Buy from Amazon. $7.99
Canine Protective Goggles – Protect their eyes from dust and flying dirt as they stick their heads out of the window of a moving car. The lenses also block 100% of the sun’s UV rays. The frame is lined with soft foam, making them comfortable for your pooch. Buy from Hammacher Schlemmer. $19.95
Raised Feeders – These statuary raised dogs dishes are fit for a King (or Queen). To see the entire line of raised feeders go to UnleashedLife.
Play Tunnel – Instant playground for your pet. Pops up from its storage bag in seconds. Your dog will love playing in this tunnel or may find it the perfect place to take a nap. Buy from P.L.A.Y. $59.00
Ocean Breeze Fresh Fido Charmz – If your pooch needs a bit of l’eau du less-dog-smell then this is the perfect gift. Just clip the fragrance charm onto their collar and they will be sweeter smelling for up to a month. Buy from PetProjekt. $4.60
Bamboo Pod Lounger – Definitely the Cadillac of pet beds and made with sustainable bamboo veneer. So beautiful it would be a statement piece in any room. Buy from Vurv Design Studio. $598.00
Made Out of Love Cookbook for Pets – This cookbook has recipes for both cats and dogs. Made from ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen are recipes for meals and treats. There is even a section on medicinal meals for those pets with special needs. Buy directly from The Honest Kitchen. $14.00
  Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed – Little Fluffy will love this cozy bed that has been reinforced to make it strong and durable. The bedding easily comes out for machine washing. I can almost hear her purr! Buy from Atomic Attic. $69.00
  FroliCat BOLT – This is an interactive laser toy that provides non-stop fun for both you and your kitty. Place on floor and see your kitten try to catch the laser. I see the possibility for a Funniest Home Video winner. Buy from FroliCat. $19.95
  Grow Your Own Catnip – This complete kit will have your cat enjoying a little taste in a week. It is easy and fun to grow. Buy from Dunecraft. $7.99
  Sphero – This robotic ball is controlled by your smartphone. It may be a toss up on who will have more fun with it – you or your cat. Sphero is taking pre-orders to be shipped out in January 2012. To preorder go to Sphero. $129.99
  Wave Perch – All cats love being high up and these perches easily mount to the wall, providing a comfy lookout. Made with real wood veneer in an ebony finish, it would add a modern touch to any room. Buy from urbanpethaus. $149.00
  Victorian Cat Scratch – The ultimate in cat scratchers. Beautifully designed and functional by helping save your furniture. By from this Etsy artist. $65.00
  Modern Cat House – This modern cat house makes a very cozy, and stylish retreat. Plus, it functions as an end table. Nice! Buy from ModernMews. $450.00
  Celltei Pak-o-Bird – If you are feeling that Tweetie Bird needs to see the world, than this bird carrying case is the perfect gift. With shoulder straps this carrier fits perfectly in front of you, giving your pet the perfect bird’s eye view. Buy on Amazon. $175.00


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