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All of us have had a teacher who has had a profound effect on our lives. One that may have influenced us by changing our future path or made us think of things differently. The power of a teacher is, truly, unparalleled. So, how do you say thank you to their commitment to their profession and their compassion and dedication to your children? Really, their best gift, shall we say, is seeing her students grow into mature, intelligent and responsible, considerate citizens who express a continued fervor to learn and grow…

It is still nice, however, to show our appreciation for all that they do. This could also be a coach, a youth leader or a tutor. Here are a few gift ideas to show our gratitude:

Inspirational Box Sign – Show that teachers do make a difference by giving one of these inspirational signs. Vintage lettering stamped on wood, making it a lovely addition to either the classroom or their home. Buy from CherryLaneKeepsakes. $13.95
  Getaway Candles – Give your teacher an instant vacation. As these candles burn through layers of fragrances, she will bask in the fragrances of either Bali, Paris or Florence. She may truly feel she is at these destinations – even if it is only by scent. Buy from ArhausJewels. $50.00
  Hot Chocolate Mug HugWhat a ‘sweet’ way to say Thank you to your child’s teacher. Comes with a tall mug, porcelain spoon, two packets of White Hot Chocolate Mix and a red knitted warmer to keep the hot chocolate from cooling too quickly in the mug. Buy from GourmetduVillage. $14.99
  Bamboo Water Bottle – A perfect way to help the planet and say thank you to our teachers at the same time. These drinking bottles are made of sustainable glass and bamboo. Stylish and practical, it will keep them hydrated all day. Buy from BambooBottleCo. $25.00
  My Cup of Cake – Inside the cup are all the ingredients needed to make the most delicious Belgium chocolate soufflé cake – and you make it right in the cup in just under three minutes! The cup can then be used for more traditional things like tea or coffee, but chocolate soufflé cake refills can also be purchased. Buy from My Cup of Cake. $21.95
  iBeanInspired – Show how much your teacher has inspired you and your child by giving her a chance to see it grow. Words like Believe, Gratitude, Friendship, Inspiration and Learn are just a few of the words that can be found imprinted on beans. Comes in a beautiful iGrowKit that would look lovely on her desk. The children will, for sure, love watching it grow throughout the year. Buy from iBeanInspired. $20.00
Vasu Flat Vases – Fresh cut flowers are always a welcomed gift and when offered in these reusable flat vases, it also makes this a beautiful and practical one. When the vase is no longer in use it is easily cleaned and flattened for easy storage.  Buy directly from Amazon. $4.00
  Garden-in-a-Bag – Whether your child’s teacher is a gardener or not, they will love these simple-to-grow plants. Choose from Christmas plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Everything is provided right in the bag, where these indoor plants will flourish before long. Buy from Potting Shed Creations. $9.00 – $20.00
Mushroom Grower Kit -  If your child’s teacher is a gourmet, this is a fun gift to give. The Oyster Mushrooms are easy to grow in the box. Simply spritz with water and watch them grow. Buy from Back to the Roots or at stores, such as Whole Foods. $19.95
  Vaselet – These bud vases will surely brighten any spot in the classroom or in the teacher’s home. They easily mount and remove with the enclosed adhesive strip. Perfect for mounting on computer monitors to give a nice visual break from the monotony of the computer screen. Buy from Josterstore. $12.00
  Post-it Notes Apple Dispenser -  Here is an apple that can stay on her desk all year round. This adorable Post-it Dispenser is the perfect gift, especially if you add a good supply of Post-it notes. Buy from Amazon. $10.00
  Have a Nice Day Stampler – Give a stapler that not only will bring a smile to the teacher, but also all her students. Each time the stapler is used it stamps a happy face (with the staple as the mouth) with ‘Have a Nice Day’ on the paper. Truly the perfect teacher’s gift! Buy from GreenerGrassDesigns. $20.00
  Apple Shaped Memo Pad – Teachers are always looking for scratch paper to write notes on. Here is an apple shaped note pad that is not only adorable but useful. Buy on Overstock. $5.99
USB Flash Drive Pen – What teacher could not use this pen with a built in 4GB USB flash drive AND built-in laser pointer. Perfect for the classroom and to take work home with them. Buy from Amazon. $20.00
  2012 Weekly Agenda Calendar – Start the new year on the right track with this essential organizational tool. Perfect for the busy, multitasking person (and what teacher is not!). Comes in a convenient pocket size, so it can be taken everywhere. This would make a great gift for anyone on your list. Buy from GetButtonedUp. $19.95
Peas USB Hub – For the techie teacher, this whimsical gift is the perfect and needed accessory to the classroom computer. It is fun and practical. Buy from MOMAStore. $42.00
My Own Bottle – Show your child’s teacher what she really means to you and your child with this personal glass drinking bottle with the word ‘Inspire’ etched on the side. Also a great for a hostess gift. Check out the entire line of encouraging words from MyOwnBottle. $25.00
  Still not sure what to buy?
Dining Out with Restaurant.com
– You can never go wrong with a gift certificate from Restaurant.com which automatically provides a substantial discount on over 18,000 restaurants across the country. We wrote about them here. Teachers and other most helpful people in our lives most certainly deserve a night out! Buy in $25, $50 or $100 values.


As always, for further inspiration, check out our past Gift Guides.

Next on our list – Gift Guide for Men. Wait until you see what we have found!

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