Rey and I came back from the gym this morning and started to plan out our day. Daddy was now sick in bed and I didn’t want any part of it. We spent all last week in the house cooped up because of a contagious baby and I wasn’t about to do it again! I especially didn’t want Reagan to run the risk of getting sick again and I wanted to steer clear from getting whatever was floating around.

      Give the Girl a Laundry Basket

After disinfecting the entire house again for what seemed like the hundredth time in a matter of four days I decided to tackle the proverbial “to do” list that I have been putting off since who knows when. If I had to make up errands to do just to get out of the house then yes, that was happening!
For the past four months I have had a laundry basket full of clothes that I’ve been wanting to donate to Goodwill. After the winter months came and left Brian and I cleaned out our closets and realized a lot of the clothes that we had when we were living in Pennsylvania were no longer necessary in sunny California.

The basket started out on the top of the washing machine and quickly kept getting shuffled to the dryer as I did laundry. And for most of us women with children we have to do laundry A LOT! Me being the anal retentive person that I am couldn’t stand having the laundry basket showing for all to see who entered my home so I would hide it. I didn’t care if no one was visiting…I didn’t want to see the basket. After jostling the basket around and having to put it on the kitchen table every time I did laundry you would think I would have found a better hiding place!

Needless to say, the basket is now empty. Errand completed! Clothes donated! I feel better already! And apparently Reagan found her missing playground! That’s right ~ the laundry basket is a jungle gym for this child. She had always played with it before when I was doing laundry and I guess I never really picked up on how much fun she was having with it.

Today was no exception. We brought it into the house from our recent delivery and she immediately exclaimed “basket!” and took off running with it into the living room. I was putting a couple things away in the kitchen and walked back just in time to see her load her hippo chair into the basket and climb in with Chica. She was rocking back and forth, moving side to side as if she were in a boat. Whatever picture she had in her head at that moment was being clearly defined in reality as she danced around the laundry basket in delight! Who knew ~ a laundry basket!

So, give the girl a laundry basket and let her run wild with imaginative play! She happily played in and around it for the next forty five minutes before it was time for a nap and time for mommy’s daily blog. So I encourage you all who read this to find the simple things and let your kids imagination do the rest!

Rey’s 1st Laundry Basket Encounter

         ~ December 2011

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