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You need:

  • Glow sticks (we used the bracelet ones but i think the thinker ones might be easier to pour
  • Scissors
  • A mason jar
  • Glitter 


  1. Crack the glow sticks to make glow
  2. Cut end off over jar and pour it in. ( If you use the thin ones like us, cut both ends and blow out the sticks contents in the jar. Try not to get it in your month it tastes so bad but its non-toxic if you do.
  3. Add a pinch of glitter
  4. Put the lid on tightly
  5. SHAKE

Our Experience:

Glow stick guts splatted everywhere when i cut of the tips . First we tried to make cool glow effects in water with last Halloweens glow sticks. So much fail happened with that. We went in to the kids room to get some darkness and we sat on the floor and i started cutting. The carpet the sheets and us began to glow. Then just like any 2 year old would Havok wanted to put the glow stick in his mouth. Eww, so he started spitting every where.  To top it off the glow sticks didn't even glow that brightly because they were so old. It happens though projects fail. On the flip side I started painting on the baking pan with the grow sticks and it made pretty neat effects. I want to try this with Harmony (6 Year Old) , outside at night some time.


 Back to the glow jar:

 I took the assembly of the jar to the kitchen. i should have went outside tho because now i have to rewash some dishes that got splattered. I let Havok pull up a chair and watch but i took over this one. Once i new what i was doing putting it all together to a matter of minutes.  It looks really neat. Just have to watch him with it because it is a glass jar. Its a cool thing to cuddle under a blanket on a cold gloomy day.


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