Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was low key which was nice. We celebrated my nephew’s First Communion on Saturday and Sunday night was my monthly Mom’s night out with friends from the boys school but mostly we hung around and relaxed at home.

Last week was a busy one and I was away from the house every day all day running the book fair at my boy’s school and subbing. It was a good week at school but my house is showing the effects of being away. My body is also feeling the affects of not resting a little bit more. I kept up with my workouts but as I said on Friday’s post they felt quite labored.

This week I plan to get back to business.

I am excited this week because a friend of mine and I are doing an experiment. We are going to wear our heart rate monitors all day for a week (not for sleeping) to get a good handle on how many calories we actually burn in a day/week. I am interested to see what a typical day looks like for me. I do plan to get one reading for my workouts then restart it for my daily activities. I plan to take my daily activities reading and get an average which will give me a good idea of my BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate)

I also have three goals for this week

1. Do not push snooze, get up and get the workout done

I need to get back on track with my morning workouts. I have been struggling to get out of bed for my early morning workouts. Last week most of them happened in the late afternoon and evening. I think this partly contributed to my sluggish workouts because I was tired and trying to get my body to do things it didn’t feel like doing.

I have kind of slipped up a bit with morning workouts because I am a needing a break from the treadmill. A few days look nice this week (where or where is spring?) so I am hoping to get the boys off to school and go for a run outside. I have realized with these late afternoon workouts how much I love my morning workouts. They give me energy for the day and truly start my day off right. Already on track with this, I completed my workout first thing this morning.


2. Clean and get the house back in order

I am leaving most of this week open so that I can get some good cleaning in as well as get things back in order. I tried last week to keep things up but my house still needs a little love. I always feel better when my house is in order and clean. I started yesterday with cleaning bedrooms and organizing my kitchen file area and getting everything put away, that is the dump all area so it feels good to have that area cleaned off. Today I plan to tackle bathrooms and do some food prep. Yesterday I also started on my spring projects and got rid of a giant mirror in my kitchen that has run it’s course. Next up is painting my interior doors.


3. Get back on track with Twitter, my blog and reading blogs I like to follow

It has been a hectic couple weeks getting back from spring break and I feel like I haven’t been in the social media world too often besides posting my blog. A little self centered, so I hope to get back to breaking down my days to give myself time to read, comment and work in the social media outlets that I enjoy. I truly am learning so much from the blogs I follow and I need to start interacting more and letting them know. I am also applying to be a Resident Mom on a site so I have three articles to write for them to show off my work….gotta get going on those as well.


What are your goals for the week?

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