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When my son was little, I made a very important decision to save myself from a lot of worrying over the years: Grandma's house; grandma's rules.

I did this because I knew my Mom was going to indulge my son. She didn't even have to tell me that she was going to - I saw the look on her face the moment she first held him: She was hooked.

Over the years, my son has learned that my Mother almost never says no. He has learned that he can do activities at her house that he can't do at ours. And the two of them have a very strong relationship to this day.

When he returns from her house, he likes to tell me all the fun things they did together. And, to be very honest, none of them are really outlandish. But, somehow, because they are activities done away from home, they are super special. The stuff that happens with grandparents never puts my son in danger and it gives him special memories. So, in my book, everyone wins.

Of course, I realize that I was able to make that rule because we are not reliant on my Mom's help for childcare. The rule and her indulgence levels might have changed if my son was spending every day at her house. And in those situations, there can be a lot more contention over how children are being treated by everyone in the family.

I hope my parents continue to have a strong relationship with my son for a very long time, interacting with him however they see fit.

Are you happy with the way your parents indulge your children? Tell me in the comments.

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