Mama’s I needed a laugh today, with 2 sick little ones in the house coughing all over me. So here is a Monday pick me up from me to you! Ok we have all heard of the dreaded term “granny panties”. You know what they are, the panties that come up to your chest, sag in the bottom, cover everything and aren’t even remotely sexy. I believe they were coined “granny panties” because it was what we saw our grandma’s wear. If you polled most men they would admit that they hate these panties with a passion and they can pretty much tell you when their wives wear them…yep you guessed it, either when Aunt Flo (your monthly) comes to visit or when you just want your hubby to stay away (yes Mama’s I know quite a few of us just weren’t in the mood so we put them on to run interference with our hubby).

Now that I have let the secret of some of out the bag, let’s address this “granny panties” issue. I will be the first to admit that I did own a few pair of these, not because they were cute but because they were comfortable. You know hubby brought that to my attention early on and I simply replaced the “granny panties” with a cuter version, EPIC FAIL! Hubby quickly took those things and put them in the garbage. Ok I got it and I took a trip to see my friend Victoria (Victoria’s Secret that is). I came in and told the sales lady that I needed some “time of the month underwear” she kinda looked at me like I was giving her TMI. Oh well this Mama was on a mission and plus I was just happy to be shopping. I got about 10 pair of panties that were all bikini in style and super cute and sexy. I felt like a champ. I brought them home and showed hubby and Mama’s if you could have seen the grin on his face, priceless…Now we’ve solved the “granny panties” problem, but we’ve acquired a new one…When he wants to “get it on” ,but forgets that “Aunt Flo” is visiting cause I have my sexy panties on all the time now. I must admit that even when my dreaded “Aunt Flo” visits I feel better because my cheeks look quite cute in my super cute and sexy panties.

Mama’s if your hubby is having an issue with your “granny panties” surprise him and show up with some super cute sexy panties to replace those. Watch his eyes light up with that twinkle and you’ll get a little spring in your step too Mama’s! I enjoy keeping my marriage spicy and sexy. I know sometimes it can be the farthest thing from our minds with all that we have on our plates, but it is a healthy and important part of every marriage. So Mama’s let go of the “granny panties” and upgrade to super cute sexy panties, it’ll change your life (trust me on this one). Happy Monday Mama’s!


P.s. Mama’s if the only thing you own are “granny panties” spice up your life and venture into the land of super cute sexy panties. Start with a week’s worth and go from there.

Don’t just live your life enjoy it!


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Comment by Nicole Bouie on May 1, 2013 at 11:40am
Hey Winter, glad you liked it!
Comment by Winter M Harris on April 29, 2013 at 9:53am

HA!!  LOL, needed this!!

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